The Baptism

A process of purification can take us through many obstacles. In this dream, the dreamer must crawl on all fours to be baptized. In the process of letting go, each aspect we drop is a purifying process, making us cleaner, brighter, more natural, and more able to stand up straight and tall. In the dream, however, the dreamer finds herself still crawling back, so the process is not complete, there is more to be let go of, and there is still an inner resistance. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in the next dream, you and I are in one building, which I think is with the religious group we’re affiliated with. I never really seen them clearly. But we’re next to a church, and, for some reason, there’s a point at which we want to go over to the church just to get baptized. 

So we go over first to the church to look in at the church, and the Minister, and the people that are there; check it out a bit. And then we go back to our own building and people. And then when it’s time to get baptized, it’s like I go over to get baptized, but I’m not sure quite what’s happened to you, we’ve gotten separated, or you’re coming later, I don’t know. So I’ve gone ahead.

And, when I get over there, first I observe that the way that the priest there baptizes people is he takes them from the church building across the street into another building. These are all wooden buildings. And when he goes into the other building, he goes past the public area, and then has them crawl on their hands and knees through this bathroom. And there’s a bath inside the bathroom somewhere, as is the water he uses to baptize them. 

So, since it’s my turn now, I’ve observed this once and then I’m going to get baptized. I crawl on my hands and knees, following him over these wooden floors and through this funky bathroom to this backroom. And then I see there’s a basin there that he’s taking water out of and he pours it over your head to baptize you. 

Well, when he pours the water over my head, suddenly, this ancillary building is filled with people, a whole group of people that are related in some way are suddenly there, whole families. The priest takes this as a sign that I’ve created this, or brought this, attracted all these people there. I think he’s being superstitious, but I don’t say anything.

Because I’ve been baptized, but I’m still like leaving the building, it’s like I’m still crawling on hands and knees. And when I want to leave the front of the building, what I realize is I have to go through these whole crowds of people that have suddenly shown up, including moving aside for a minute before I can get down a bank because a mother and her daughters, who are all celebrated and dressed up, are coming up the bank, and then I can get down. 

I still don’t know quite what’s happened to you, because I’ve gone on ahead in this instance, but I’m actually headed back to the building where we normally go.

John: It’s interesting that you would use the word baptized in the deepest meaning of it. In other words, the word baptized has a very, very, very, very deep meaning itself, in that, to be truly baptized you let go of all things. 

You started off with a buying and selling, and you’re going over to where you’re going to absolve yourself of everything. So you’re involved in something which is familiar to you, that is your way of trying to do something, and have come to the recognition and realization that you need to fully let go of everything. 

In order to be complete, in order to be whole, you have to let go of everything. And that’s what baptizing really is. Baptizing is something which is symbolic to the idea that you have truly transformed from holding on to some aspect that you’re carrying about your nature. 

Well, as circumstances would have it, that may be the deeper meaning of what baptize means, but you’re not able to do it in the fullness in which it is, where there is the emptiness, and the oneness, and the wholeness. And you still are harboring over the idea of where am I at? And also having to crawl or go through a whole process to, so to speak, get there. And because you are still trying to take all of that with you, this crawling or quality of whatever it is that you think you have to go through, you also, then, after being baptized, as if you’re able to come back into life or something, think that you have to go through this whole deal again, crawling and this, that, and the other back to contend with what is still harbored. 

So what you’re doing is you’re creating an interesting image in which you see yourself as not truly able to let go in the full sense of the word because you still have these aspected, bifurcated mannerisms, or qualities, or characteristics that are harbored in some fashion upon the breath that you are thinking that you can take with you. Because the true definition of a baptizing is to let go of all such vibrations, to let go of all past, to let go of all kinds of things that condition you to having to be in some bifurcated, energetic way, from the essence of a stillness and a wholeness. So it’s an interesting way of looking at it.

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