A Better Look

We do it all the time: have a vague sense that something isn’t right, or that we’re not quite sure, so we may delay, or procrastinate, until we have further clarity. We may not acknowledge it, but a part of us that has greater insight into the bigger picture is trying to communicate with us, to get us to keep looking deeper before committing to whatever it might be that we are involved with. Our dreams work similarly; it’s not always a revelation, sometimes it’s subtle guidance and nudging. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The only dream I remember is one in which I’m retired, but I’m going to go back to some place where I’ve worked before because there’s something I’ve left there. 

So when I go back, it feels like that, whatever I left, I left it in the laundry room of the agency where I worked. So I go in, and I’m at the washing machine and dryer, and I’m finding some things that maybe fell down behind them or were on top of them. And a nurse I knew, where I used to work, has come along and she’s helping me look at what might be left there, so that I can kind of wash and fold and take everything that I had there. So I’ll have it all with me.

And then, before I leave and I step down from the room, I see this other kind of machine, I can’t quite figure out what it does. And so I’m fiddling with it a bit trying to get it sitting where it needs to sit, seeing if it’s leaking, and trying to figure out exactly what it does. But then I finally figure out that rather than a machine like the one that I used, which was for staff, that this must be for other people because it’s a coin-operated machine; you put dimes in, and then it runs. 

And then, right before I leave, I run into someone I knew from childhood. And she’s going to be coming to interview for a job at the agency, but it’ll be just a job she has for two or three years before retirement. So I’m asking her if she’s sure she wants to work there, does she have a home in the community and she wants to work right there? Or, if she’s going to be moving in a few years, would it be better for her to go and get a job near where she’ll be living then? And that was all that I remembered. 

John: So what you’re doing is you’re taking a sight, a type of sight, a visualization that you have at a depth inside of yourself – it’s almost as if it mushrooms from out of a current confusion that is out of balance, or misplaced. It’s latent inside of you as a kind of knowingness that you’re able to recognize, as kind of, I don’t know how you’d say it, as kind of a movement in the overall beingness of things.

And based upon this, it changes the perception that you have in the usual day to day, whereby you can recognize that there is something amiss in terms of how things are unfolding. And this is portrayed by the fact that when you see somebody just trying to get by under current conditions, and what you have seen at a depth inside of yourself pointing out that there is something more that has to come through, that you, in full disclosure, so to speak, of what is going on, even though you haven’t pulled out what is coming into fruition yet, but you can see that it’s there and that the outer scenario that you’re in is in a state of imbalance, or is unsustainable. 

So you’re able to tell that when you see something that is trying to cope, or make the best of something, in the outer – that you know is unsustainable – that you can hint or suggest that maybe they should stop, or should take a better look

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