Magical Properties

It’s curious when we see dreams that sound and feel like fairy tales, which, perhaps, have come from the same crossover of the unconscious into the conscious. And, in this story, we see the magical person emerge to deliver a lesson to the dreamer: the magic of life is always there for us, if we have the eyes to see it. And having the eyes to see it includes letting go of our biases that block such perceptions, particularly on an inner level. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: There’s another way of trying to describe the sort of thing that I did in my dream. And what it is, this quality that you reference as a probationary aspect that you’re able to experience a little at a time, up to a degree, and still have something that pulls you away from it is a trait that is considered hidden in life. Oftentimes you can go along and never recognize it, never see it. 

So, in my dream, it starts off where I’m in kind of a nature trail, an interesting nature trail, in that there may be other people that take this walk, but they don’t really see what’s there. Or appreciate, fully appreciate, what’s there. Some may even see some of the stuff that’s there, but I see it in a different way. 

And this is like a nature trail that feels like it’s in a place not in the park, necessarily, but it has more of a canyon sense and such to it. It’s old, it has an older feel to it. And it does have some magical properties, in that I’m with another person, there’s nothing that identifies who this other person is. It’s not that they ever speak or anything, it’s just they seem to be there and seem to go along with everything that is happening, almost as if it is waking up reflectively to them. And so they’re there. 

As I’m taking this walk, which I’ve taken many, many times, I see this little bit of water off to one side that is visible from the trail. Then I go and I look at it, and the darndest thing is that it looks like chicken bones down there. And I keep pondering: how can this be preserved chicken bones in this water? And I stare at it and stare at it, but kind of blank it out. 

And then as I come along the trail, suddenly my eye is drawn to a little trickle of water that’s falling. It’s not like it’s a creek or anything, it’s just a drop, drop or something from a little embankment. And I stop and I look at this one particular angle and, lo and behold, you wouldn’t normally think you could see this – and why have I never known that this existed? – at about eye level across is a little ledge, it holds a little water.

So I go up there. And it’s very shallow. It’s almost as if maybe the water is a little higher than usual, and it’s usually you wouldn’t see the water, or something, because it may be down in the pools or something, out of sight to the eye and no one would be inclined to go up that way. Maybe there’s just a little bit more water than usual that flows across an area there that has these compressions into it to make kind of a very shallow pond. 

And so as I’m out there looking at it, again, I see initially what looks to be like skeletons in the water. And they’re perfectly preserved; looks like no one’s ever touched them. As I look at them they’re skeletons of things that I’ve never ever seen before. And so I can’t help but wonder if this is something like a new species or something. 

And then as I look and stare more into the pond water, I notice that there are things moving around in there, various kinds of things moving around in there. And suddenly something moves that is kind of a grayish white or something, shaped a little bit like a stump; strange little object. And then it starts changing forms a bit. To begin with, when I see it, it’s only like three inches or something in there. And it just starts to change forms in the water.

The next thing I know it’s standing next to me. And it’s a perfect gentleman, kind of almost in a suit, that’s like three feet tall. And, to my surprise, he speaks English. And I don’t know what transpired, but somehow he sang me a song. And he’s actually interested in doing this. And I’m saying, you know, this is a song that could be released out into the world. And he’s interested in that being possible. 

So he takes me to his little house. And in his house he has kind of a piece of decorative furniture that looks like it has three or four crystals on it. So then he takes and he moves one from somewhere and he puts it on that shelf. And then the whole thing transforms itself into something else, in which you have drawers and storage. 

And I look at this and I say, wow, this is amazing. And this is like an invention, like I should help him patent this. And I ask him, where does this stuff come from? How do you know this stuff? And he says, oh, this is something that has been handed down; it comes from Thomas Paine. Thomas Paine being somebody that’s very, very, very, maybe back in the 1800s or something. 

And so then I get to pondering if he has any familiarity, or is part of, the little people that I know exist. In real life, I’ve actually been there. And it’s kind of commonly known, that the little people live there. So rather than to be rude, because you have to be subtle around someone like him, I say, have you ever been to Fire Mountain? And he says, yes. He says it’s a very dangerous place. 

In other words, it doesn’t have this subtle, really sensitive quality, where I had found him that is really pristine. The Fire Mountain area is harsher elements. And it’s where the little people somehow hang out. I don’t know how they get by. And then he says, there’s only about 40 people back there. Yet, somehow or another, they’re jeopardizing things. So the conversation is kind of left at that. And then I wake up. 

And what it leaves you with is this sensation of something opening up inside in a way in which you can’t have any nuances, or mannerisms, or moods or whatever, that are formed on the basis of prejudice or opinion. Because if you have any of that, then you can’t perceive this kind of part of a depth inside yourself. And if you don’t have any, then you can open up.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Magical Properties

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