The Salad Course

If we consider for a moment two states, stillness and doing. Now these two states may seem at odds with one another, but, in truth, the universe doesn’t really work that way. Everything is somewhere on a continuum of connection. So, we can be in a stillness while we are doing things. Where we go wrong is when we let the doing also be the state we are in, because then we are disconnected from the stillness, and the wholeness, and caught in the lesser state of doing. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My meditation dream I’ll go through it briefly. It was just a reviewing of images of life. And that in one image, I could tell if I don’t respond and just settle back, and just sit back and watch, I’ll notice that the image actually makes no sense. And then I also notice that whatever pops up is just another empty energetic. And if I don’t give any cadence to these energetics, the projection either goes on and on and on, but if I’m lucky it might dissipate – but who knows? If anything, it pulls things down. 

So I kept seeing these various pop-up images. And because I knew that they didn’t warrant attention, because the nature of these forms remained unvalued, I tended to look at them in terms of the stillness behind them. It seems that I looked and looked to no avail to find a correspondence that was meaningful. In other words, in terms of them actually having an actionability that made any sense. 

And I was finding every iteration being of no meaningful, effect in and of itself. It was actually still, unless you bought into it and provided the animation. To do so was foolish. Consequently, I realized that there was nothing going on at all. And it was only when I took what was in front of me into the imagination that I vacillated unnecessarily. If I remain still, everything around me had no reason to not be still, as well, as it lacked any projective importance. 

So then something very similar to what you did. Again, similar, this is like the general now. So now the specific is something similar, that’s like a dream; that is a dream. 

So, in the dream, I revisit the issue of a neverending doingness over this, or that, as follows: I am staying at a place where the hosts are strict vegetarians. Each day they provide an elaborate salad. It has gotten old and belabored because it’s a salad every day that obviously took a lot of time and effort to put together. I can tell that this approach in life is eating up their focus and attention. 

It is a prescribed, defined mannerism, and a chore that never ends when done as an obsessive conduct. In reviewing this more closely, I look to see if they have figured out a way to reprieve themselves from this consuming, energetic pattern. I never see them making up these wonderful salads that are such a focal point at each meal. 

So I ask, do you take one day a week to make up all of these salads that you serve each day? What I am thinking about is there must be a relief from the pattern because if this was something that they thought about daily, it would be an exhausting exercise and would be consuming their attention as a doingness that gets in the way of them being themselves and taking care of their inner needs.

The deeper theme behind all of this is a stillness that you can let go to, that enables you to appreciate what is going on. In the meditation dream I drift from image to image and, in doing so, notice that each image has an underlying energetic that beckons for attention.

In the meditation dream, I notice that I can simply let go and the reflection and the repetitive pattern will, in some instances, dissipate, and, in other instances, vacillate. The net overall effect is I will come to see what I am doing with a clarity from a stillness within. However, when the pattern consumes my attention in having to do, or be, this way or that, along with responding repetitiously, I get exhausted and worn down as this takes one away from the quietness and peacefulness of my inner beingness.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: The Salad Course

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