The idea that the physical world is an illusion, as is posited in many spiritual paths, has to do with different levels of things. Yes, we are in the physical and if we stub our toe it’s going to hurt. But if we lift our consciousness up a level or two, we can also realize that this physical body isn’t us, but is rather a house for us while we are incarnated here. So stubbing our toe doesn’t matter, just as what career we choose doesn’t matter – to the universe and to what created us. What does matter is our alignment with those higher aspects, and our ability to be of use to what created us – in anything we do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: There’s one element to add to that, and that has to do with the letting go, which is what I dreamt about. In other words, I appreciated seeing this part that you mentioned because it’s important in terms of functionality and how you have to be in a way so that you allow a cadence to unfold, because everything is unfolding in its own natural way

It all is going somewhere; you don’t take and crisscross it and create some sort of confusion. And when you are able to recognize that it all is meant to work that way, then you come to recognize another principle – and that’s what I dreamt about. 

And it seems like a simple enough principle, and there wasn’t a whole lot to write up about it. So to start off, in the meditation dream, it was like seeing something in terms of what goes on around me seems real, but it never really happens. It just appears that way. Nevertheless, I pretend that when I spin a wheel, so to speak, that unfolds, that that is real. And that everything in life is like that; it is a pretend make-believe. 

However, this is not how everyone else around me acts. They are all sensing, and their state of mind goes up and down, based upon what I know is a form of make-believe. Even though everything is manifest, everything in manifestation is a form of make-believe, I notice that everyone else is taking the unfoldment seriously, and choosing the way they conduct themselves based upon the unfoldment. 

That’s like the first part of the meditation dream. 

And the second part is like a dream in the meditation dream, in which a person receives $1 million for some small boxes. In other words, it’s like a pallet, and on this pallet you have things in boxes. And maybe two-thirds of the pallet is small boxes. And maybe a third is little larger boxes with essentially the same item inside, but they’re larger. 

And this person gives away the larger boxes of the same thing that represent, like I say, a good portion of what she has. She gives those away, even though she sold the small boxes for a million dollars. And she gives them, like I say, away for practically free. And when I ask her about this gesture, she says it was some good cheesecake this other person gave her. In other words, they did a gesture, something touched in some way, and so she acknowledged that. In other words, it’s not always about something. 

And the meaning is: everything is relative. The ability to let go and not take things seriously is a secret to a wonderful, intertwined, flow that is all around us. To experience this all-encompassing flow, or sensation, or however you want to call it, that sweeps over us is to redeem ourselves from attachments and ideas that keep us in a trance. 

Well, the deeper meaning, and this is the hard part to feel, is this letting go. A truly surrendered and unattached state of being enriches the environment. And you mentioned an interesting feature that makes for the letting go, is where you know how to work with time, putting time into the continuum of things, the space of things, in a way that doesn’t conflict or affect other time. 

So a truly surrendered and unattached state of being enriches the environment. When we hold on to things we choke off life. A gratitude for how everything is fills the heart, and enables us to let go of our nuances. 

This is hard to feel but there is a way of going on where, all of a sudden, instead of walking around feeling pressurized about this, that, or the other, tense about things and this, that, or the other, that are in the environment. You could just suddenly let go of that, and that there’s something really nice about that – and how things fit on a continuum.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Make-Believe

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