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We’ve seen it before: something has to be destroyed for something new to arise. We see in nature, where huge cataclysmic events are needed to usher in a change. We see it in culture and in empires, and we see it in our own personal group of friends or family – and we definitely see it in our inner life – where gradual change isn’t enough. It won’t accomplish the shift that needs to occur. These are all natural processes, but being conscious of them can sometimes ease the transition and limit the drama. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I didn’t remember most of my dreams, I just remembered a dream I was having right before I woke up. And, in that dream, it was like we’d watched this television program The One Hundred about an Earth after some kind of blow up.

We’re on that Earth and, you and I, we had escaped from that city where they keep everybody underground. We’re on the surface, we’re talking to somebody else who’s on the surface. And you and I have ordered a car; we’re waiting for it to come.

And the car will be this green classic. And then somebody’s asking me about this kind of classic car we’re getting, and I’m joking that I’m probably not going to get a chance to drive it because someone – she’s either your girlfriend, or your sister – loves classic cars, and she’ll be driving it all the time. That’s all I remember. 

John: So what you’re describing, I should say the theme of the dream had to do with something coming into manifestation, something opening up in manifestation that’s different than how things have been broken down or repressed. 

We’ve been going for weeks, months, looking at how nothing could be done, that everything existed on an element of identification that was on the breath. And that the breath itself, the in-breath and the out-breath, were more or less associated with the modality of manifestation. And the fact that we are in manifestation, on this journey, and that something has shifted, and it appears to have shifted last night, except you’re adding another element of information to it.

What appears to have shifted last night is that something now is able to come out of the inner, the stillness, and not be opposed by the heart. The heart, up until last night, every time I could see something on the breath, it was something that was rejected by the heart. It’s as if the heart was sitting in an intertwined overallness. 

So you incorporated the restrictions, or the fact that one is living in something that is already dead, you incorporated that in the first part of your dream. You then went on to indicate that something in life is now able to be accessed. In other words, there’s a flow that can open up, perhaps on the breath, now, or seemingly on the breath. Because that’s where it would have to be to be able to function in manifestation. 

But you’re indicating that even though you know this to be so, that it’s not for you, or something. Just like maybe you’re not going to be around for it. In other words, it’s going to be usurped. Or, maybe there’s another way of looking at that, in that maybe it’s something that you hold as a kind of demiurge, that you hold as a kind of demiurge, as a kind of other-sideness; that you hold as a kind of other-sideness. 

I hadn’t looked at that before. That actually makes a lot of sense, on an in-breath way of looking at things, that you hold that as an other-sideness and it counterbalances that which is able to be accommodated and allowed as an extension coming out of the demiurge of thoughts that set off time. Huh, that’s interesting. Short, but very interesting.

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