Old Paradigms

Over the centuries many spiritual and religious paths have pointed to the cloistered life as desirable, or even necessary, to make a journey with one’s life. But times change, and the needs change as well. Everywhere we now hear the summons to bring our spirituality actively into life – in the sense that it should not be a compartmentalized aspect of our life, but an expression in everything we do. Making tea, food shopping, working, or having a conversation – these are all situations where our spirituality should be guiding us on our way – because these are the times when we all are in service to the whole. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The Chistis are continually striving to figure out how to participate in life. The innerness of things has been pointing out that one wasn’t ready for that, one had to sit in a stillness. And where this all seemed awkward was that the Sufi path has to do with being able to be involved in life, in manifestation. 

But all of my dreams and meditations have been pointing out that everything and anything that can be identified on the breath is a dilemma that is running against what the heart really is about. In other words, the heart is harkening to something, and all I could tell was it’s harkening to a stillness and that everything that is identified on the breath is a bifurcation from that. 

And then, last night, it was like, for the first time in months, I was able to see that maybe something anew is possible as a quality of time. A human being hasn’t been ready to be part of matter, to be able to shift and go into matter yet. And the reason is that because a human being is caught in a collective of something that reflects the past. And so the matter of things that are out there, at this point in time, are dead. They have to be shifted into something anew. 

And so every thought that existed in every way, every Dharma, so to speak, that was coming out, all seemed to be caught up in the old paradigm, the old way, some old way that was no longer what is meant to be in terms of something shifting

The masculine is the one that brings out the seed thought that comes out of the demiurge going all the way back to the inception of time. And that seed thought that comes out of the demiurge sets off time. That’s what starts time, time touching space, or matter, gives you the orientation of manifestation. 

And that which is coming out now, within the parameters of the container that is held, that stillness, that deep, deep stillness, there is at a deep, deep, deep level of stillness, always something in alignment. What had been, and what has been, is out of alignment. And so this coming out of the demiurge is back into an alignment. And so what can come out and can happen, now, coming in on the breath, or coming out, is workable. 

So going to the meditation dream, I am aware there is an overallness that permeates manifestation. The idea of taking an aspect out of the whole and exalting it as being meaningful, or more meaningful, and able to be aspected from the whole, which means that in a way it was weaponized, as an idea has been foreign. It’s an idea that has been foreign, in terms of what I’ve been experiencing inside, to the overall all-inclusive consciousness that I’ve been experiencing within. 

So, in the meditation dream, I was seeing this imaged as follows. I knew for example, that two things out of a composite and which my symbolic psyche deemed to be four, which is the symbol of completion, I symbolically reference this as north, south, east and west, in terms of the overallness, and the embodying of the all-inclusive oneness permeating manifestation as an essence. 

So, in the dream, I know that to take in and embrace all there was I had to include all directions; that I couldn’t just take a vertical north south polarity and push this as being where everything is at. I had to include equally the east west horizontal axis or I wouldn’t be embracing a oneness. And the oneness is all-inclusive beingness.

Scenario: why was I shown this within? I was touching upon the importance and depth of an above and below oneness. With that in mind I was shown that it is not possible to function as an exclusiveness separate from the whole. Or, to put this another way, we are each other. In other words, to go around actually conducting our selves to be distinct from the overall intertwinement of all there is veils us from the world soul as embodied in the heart. 
So, what is going on? This was a meditation dream and experience in which the above and below were put into a oneness. This was how I aligned, reconciled, what had been a discombobulated prima materia and aligned it with the subtler of the inner – which is a deep, deep stillness.

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