A Different Look

Geoffrey Hodson

What are the causing realms? These are the unseen worlds of energy that must be in place before any matter, or physical life, can form. This is a universal truth, and it means that what we can visibly see is only a material representation, or expression, of what the energy itself is. So, if we truly want to understand something we should look beyond its physical manifestation and try to relate to it energetically. This is true for us, especially, as humans, who are of a divine energetic. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream, I’m noticing, and I look within myself, that when I try to be in an outer way, and try to make that effective, that that puts a strain upon the heart. The reason is because how I am is an energetic I’m still trying to sort out.

Freedom is the part of myself that isn’t natural. Or to say this another way, my heart is touched, and the world is touched, when I’m able to see and hear the unseen in life. In other words, if you’re making it black-and-white and sorting it out, then you’re in a discombobulation and bewilderment, and out of touch with things. It’s in the unseen that the vibration of a natural flow gets revealed. It is the unseen that is who I am. 

This doesn’t make sense to the mind. My mind relates to what it sees and hears, not to the part of me that is non-reflective. So to put this in scientific terms, what we see and hear in the outer is from light, which is reflective. The light I cannot see is a consciousness, in the overall, that naturally takes in a flow from the all-pervading universe. 

An image I have of a person who, when they sing, is like something else, or another person, not who they appear, if you look at everything reflectively, is what I’m seeing inside, it’s not getting in the way. In other words, it’s inflected and, actually, in the dream, it was like you went back and forth as to whether this was a guy or a girl in terms of the vibration, which simply meant as an inflecting flicker like that there was something going on besides the normal identification that had to do with the invisibleness, that one doesn’t see, that one can flow with. 

Correspondingly, to be able to flow with an innerness quality that connects beyond how it is that I am being perceived, is to experience in a non-personal way. It is this part of myself that is who I really am, again, similar to like the naturalness that you can’t see is who you really are. It’s saying the same thing.

But I am stuck if I don’t go there. Instead, I am stuck when I pay attention to what others see and relate to, and find myself seeing and relating to that reflectively, thinking I can sort things out that way instead of sorting it out in an unseen capacity way. 

So the reason for the vibrational intertwined inflection, once that I’m realizing that I don’t like how things are unfolding that are based upon the prerogatives and perspectives – and I know there is more. And I know that I am in a flow with this something more, and that it is going through me, but I am not seeing it or hearing it. 

I don’t catch up with it by a seeing and hearing that is outer-oriented exclusively, I catch up with it by recognizing that, yes, maybe it reflects in an outer way, but it inflects in an inner way, and has to be caught up with as a type of innerness. Because it’s easier to catch it, just like it’s easier in dreams to grasp what’s going on in terms of opening it up to a greater consciousness is better to catch something through the hidden light. And then when it is visible reflectively to recognize that the flip side, that isn’t reflective, that is absorbed, is where the aliveness and the realness is at – instead of putting one’s attention upon relating and maneuvering in the reflective side.

On the reflective side you never really deal with the issue at hand. It’s at a deeper depth; you have to deal with that inflectively. And how you solve things in the reflective is indicative of where you’re able to go, consciously, in terms of a deeper depth of self.

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