A Hidden Bird

What is hidden always seems more elusive to us. We are used to dealing with what is visible, yet when it comes to our inner landscapes, or the energetic world of the things around us, it seems daunting and enigmatic. But our human design is perfectly capable of reading these energetics and gathering intelligence from them – and, when we do, we can realize how fascinating even the most mundane thing actually can be. Instead we are entranced by the sparkle of visible things, and we can miss the subtlety and magnificence of the energy worlds. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream I’m looking at something that comes into my attention. There’s an intangible value, within that, that I carry within. There’s a mystique that seeks something more. I perceive something, and yet I still perceive something even more, but I don’t know what it is that I perceive. And so that is sitting there as part of my attention. 

So, in the dream, I am drawn to letting myself be closer to this area, even though I don’t know what it is. And I notice a probative energetic that is curious about this place that I carry within. In other words, things in the outer are like that because things in the outer are reflective, and something that doesn’t go along with that reflection, and they have those thoughts that are caught in a collective, it’s going to have a kind of ponderance. 

The reason I carry the way that I am is I am longing to be known in this depth; in wanting to know this depth. My dilemma is I do not see where this goes in terms of anyone else. In other words, everything else is opposite all of this. And I am not able to catch up with that place within. 

Actually, I am probably okay with that in terms of a perception in the eyes of others, because even though I can’t put my finger upon it, I am in a protective otherness. I am in a protective otherness because, deep down, I have a sense of the unfathomable sensation of oneness that I cheer for in terms of life. In other words, this is the essence from which things unfold. 

So this is exemplified when I ask a woman, what do you see? She becomes a hidden bird in a cypress tree, so that all I can hear is her voice. And she says, you are drawn to your family. She goes through all kinds of things that I’m supposed to be drawn out towards, as what she denotes. 

Now the psyche of all of this is, what it is that she is identifying as holding me back is an effect in regards to an overall letting-go attention is true, but only if I step into a more definable outer existence in which such parameters exist. I hear this list that goes on and on, and then let my heart free flow after it is touched by an effusiveness. In other words, which is beyond the list; this effusiveness is something more. In other words, anything that can be presented is something that doesn’t drag me in. 

So what is going on is I notice that I set aside energetic identifications that touch and affect my psyche in an apparent way, and look for a non empathic, deeper meaning of stillness at the root. I hide there on this hidden place of stillness, which comes to be kind of a little bit untouchable, or aloofish. At least the projection is a closeness that’s aloofish. 

And I’m untouchable with the projections. I’m not willing to settle for outer perceivabilities. Yet I can cheerlead the seeking in the outer. I am like this because I know that there is more to be accessed within that takes me to a deeper depth.

When I am able to identify that, I do so noting there is more to embody than where I’m at. What I am saying is that whatever I see with an energetic aliveness, I take in as being catalytic to an even deeper process. It is this deeper quality I seek. I keep setting aside that which hurts the heart. I know, deep down, the heart does not have to get hurt. The heart is bigger than all malingerings.

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