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Packing up and getting ready to go always has a chaotic feeling to it. In this dream, the dreamer is communicating with the different aspects of herself – the maid side that is burdened with the weight of certain things, the male side stalling so it doesn’t have to leave, even a different vehicle appearing to help the transition. These are the things we have to sort when we are trying to make a change. Some things need to be left behind, or need to be put in their proper place, before the transition can go smoothly. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Okay, I just remember one dream I had. And, in this dream, I seem to be at home, my parent’s home. And I’m going to be leaving in a few days and I’m trying to get all packed up. My mother’s there somewhere in the background, and my sister’s around, and I know that when I move out, this time, I may never come back to live, or some change might be going on, so that I really have to have all my stuff packed up this time so it can be moved within a day or two. 

In the middle of all my packing up, I notice two things. At one point I see these people that look like kind of heavyset women that have been maids. And they’re showing me a back stairway where maids used to carry things up to the floor, before. And sometimes that was hard, because they might even have to take a bed up the maid staircase to another floor. I just note that at some point in a dream, that they kind of had a hard life that way.

Then that scene is gone and I seem to be upstairs, or on my way upstairs, and I run into this man who’s from the city. He’s a little coy, but he’s interesting to talk to. And while I’m talking to him, I’m kind of Googling who he is, as well as who his son is, to see about whether he was a jazz musician, or he wrote a book, or what. 

I find myself finding him interesting to talk to, but now it’s starting to get dark and he’s going to have to leave because I explain that I have to have all my stuff packed up. He explains that he needs to ride home now because it’s dark. And I notice, when I look down at my hands, that in addition to my regular car keys and house keys, in one hand I have another set of keys that belong to a car that just seems to be in my possession temporarily. So I’m going to use that car to run him home. 

I go downstairs, and when I’m walking towards the car, he turns and goes around the other way around the back of the house. And it seems like he spotted somebody that was a young neighbor girl, maybe a servant girl, even, and she seems not too bright. And he wants to engage in talking to her, or bringing her to our attention. 

But I see all this as a stalling tactic because for some reason that he doesn’t really want to leave, and I need to get him into the car to drive him wherever he’s going now, because, as I look at the house, I notice there’s even some repair work and construction going on, like something else is going to go on at home now. And I know that when I leave this time, I might not be coming back.

John: This is a really deep dream, yet is portraying an unfoldment that is taking place at this time, that you’re sitting with kind of an initial heads up about. And what you’re doing is you’re describing where you stand on this unfoldment in relationship to each phase or aspect of the change that’s afoot. 

The basic schematic here is that something is shifting or changing. But what you’re doing now is you’re laying out the detail of how that is shifting, and changing, in terms of how it is being accommodated in terms of society or the overall. And you’re using this dream to portray the give and take of that. 

What you’re noticing is kind of in the heat and the burden of things. In other words, you’re starting at a very basic level of where you’re seeing a strain in life, and you’re making note of the strain in life where parts of yourself are unable to break free, that are subjected to having to contend in a way that throws a certain weight upon your shoulders. 

So what you have here is you have parts of yourself that are able to observe the house, in other words, note what is going on. And the servants that are having to come up steps with the weight on their back are carrying some sort of heaviness of the heart. And that you, inside the house, meaning the parts of yourself that are represented by your mother and your sister, hold an aspect of, and in, the overall upon which the play of events occurs.

You’re in this house, too. The house represents the sense of where things are at in a consciousness in the overall, or in the outer, or in manifestation. And what you’re doing is recognizing that having reconciled the burden of things, and the conditions of the house, that you resolve that change is afoot. 

And that you have to go shift another way, because this is something that appears to have run its course. But then there’s the part of you which is the clarity part, the part that has to ponder and think about things, that hasn’t quite brought this thing through. Your body sensation in terms of how you naturally have a sense of things, in terms of well being, is clear. But the mental sense of yourself, the shadow dynamic of yourself, that bothers and causes you to ponder things – that has a different orientation. And so it is hard for you to bring that through. 

That part, which is like a time thing, does not coincide with the spaciality of having to shift into a new kind of reality or paradigm. So that part, if you try to drag that with you, tends to run around the other side of the house and stuff like that. You recognize that where you had been, or have been, is something that is not of interest in the future. It’s something that has run its course in terms of viability, and thus, it’s going through a makeover. 

And that the sense that you have, the quality in which you can feel something inside to recognize that a change is afoot, that kind of quality of pent up energy causes the means to appear, which is the car, the vehicle, that can shift you to a new modality. However, this is not something that you can lay down in a black-and-white blueprint with thoughts and directions in black-and-white, this is something that you just have to follow as a quality of the heart, it’s a sense. 

And the part of yourself that requires the black-and-white of things is, well, it’s not able to discern that way, because it’s too limited and too restricted. Even though there’s a lot out there that even it should be able to denote because the house is something that is becoming unlivable and something has to be done. But the clarity side, the mental side, the masculine side of your nature, is still reverbing in some way, is still looking around, it still has thought patterns that haven’t quite come into proper cohesion; doesn’t have the developed wisdom to go along with the sense, the spatial sense, that you have that something isn’t comporting right.

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