Cut and Paste

What is the difference between what a writer may imagine writing, and what is actually written down? Or the difference between what a musician might hear in their head, and what actually appears as a song? Or, we could ask, what is the distance? In our spiritual journey, we can get knowings, or insights, or quick images of the unfolding ahead, yet we are still playing a part in its unfolding, so where we end up is not exactly as imagined, but a reflection of our ability to get there. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I am shown that it is possible to relate to, and contend with, what is unfolding in the future in a way that protects and arbitrages the possibilities. In other words, you don’t go too extreme, you can actually arbitrage it so that it levels the thing out. So that a given is a given.

In other words what is intended, or meant to be, can unfold. In other words, you can lock it in as a flow. So, in prior dreaming, dealing with an inner into outer took a lot out of me. And the unfoldment required two more hours of meditation. I have not only envisioned a way it gets what’s needed to come through in a shorter time frame, but what I’m doing also speeds me up so I can look at what this means on a global level. 

I see this as follows. In the dream I come out of my meditation in half the usual time. I’m so shocked to denote what is possible that I go back into the dream to shape the future with a global effect. I don’t know that this is what I am doing, I see this in an after-the-fact image. 

The way I see this is, I wake up observing how it is possible to cut and paste what is designed to be, but not yet communicated, in a way that is for all to see. And the image I cut and paste has global implications. 

Meaning: what is coming through me involves letting go to a stillness, which isn’t possible without the sincere acceptance of, and the setting aside of, images upon the breath that get impressed upon the heart. 

To go beyond time and space, I must step back from impressions. Even light, which embodies a flow, is an impression. Light has a long life, but is a subtle substance that comes from somewhere else. That somewhere else reflects the past. 

This, as a reflective flow, is not readily apparent because the essence is even deeper within. I’m taking this to cosmic intelligence, and what I see in the meditation dream is a global application and context. Isn’t that pretty interesting?

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