The Past is No More

It is said that division is man-made. And it’s true: could the universe operate the way it does if everything was at odds with everything else? Even the great feeding, or predator and prey, is a symbiosis – everything that works, works together. As above, so below, and, as in the outer, so on the inner. When we are at odds with our self, we have veered away from our natural state – and that is what prevents us from reaching our fulfillment. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And then, in breaking it down, I come back from a trip and find that on Main Street the first thing I see as I come back into town is that on main street there are no vehicles or people. And I look again and I see that some fire swept over the whole town; forest fire, or something, swept through. 

And I ask a person I come across, what happened? And he tells me that he wasn’t there when it happened, but the fire burned even the furniture in the historical district. I come across the mayor, and he says that if there had been more minorities who lived in town, the town would qualify for funds necessary towards rebuilding. In other words, they’d qualify for government assistance to have it rebuilt. 

I learn that the mayor is committed to negotiations with the Republicans. I say to him, why are you negotiating against yourself? The lieutenant mayor chuckles. The mayor, who means well, and doesn’t take what I have said personally, says, if you want to chew me out, you can. I have no reason to do so because he gets it, and that is what is important. 

Meaning: this dream is also pointing out that the past that had been identified with is no more. The past is no more. I mean that you can’t go back and rely upon the past. In other words, this is even exemplified by the statement, even the furniture from end to end, in other words, because the statement had to do with from one end of the historical district to the other has been burned up. 

The dream has the sense of there being a mistake in terms of how to conduct oneself, which needs to be corrected. The mistake wasn’t intentional. And the error in judgment is now obvious. 

And a deeper meaning is, a person is negotiating against themselves when the focus is based upon what is happening, or has happened, in the outer. It takes both the inner and the outer to face the situation. In other words, top down and bottom up – not just one or the other. 

In the dream the Republicans are symbolic, being represented as being the outer, and the other party is the inner. Brought together, the Republicans and Democrats represent the breath: neither party has the answer, is the conclusion I walk away with. What needs to be known is from one’s self.

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