The Spider Detects

The spider creates a web that can be imagined as the map of its terrain. When something is ensnared by the stickiness of the web, the spider senses vibrationally that something in its world has changed and goes to investigate. We can treat our psychologies in a similar way by becoming conscious when they get snared in the map of ourselves, by letting go of them, or just staying consciously aware of their outplay, which lessens their impact. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: This next one’s quite a strange story, too. I am with a boy whose father… Actually it starts off with, I’ve been hired as a kind of an investigator or something, and I’m with this family. And it’s a father, a mother, and a son. 

And what we’re to do is the father’s been accused of murder. And so we have to see what the evidence is. It’s almost like something’s in a type of amnesia, because why would the father take and want to retrace his steps? I don’t know. I mean, the dream doesn’t say. You wonder, did he actually do something? Or not? Does he actually even know, or is he just playing coy to see if there’s anything that could be used against him? 

And so the father and the mother proceed up a particular road, or trail, or route, of the past. And I and the boy, I’m being investigator and I go with the boy who is very, very innocent, and there’s a quality of his innocence that I find interesting. And we go over hill and dale, you know, we don’t go in the road, we go maybe off over hill and dale parallelling the road. 

And so, as I’m going with this boy, who’s very innocent, I ask him if there are any ideas he has about the issue. In other words, is there anything he has as a sense because I don’t know about the father, but I know the boy’s innocence, and whether he reflects anything. And he says that nothing could have happened in this particular initial phase of the journey that we’re on, or his spider, which probes out on a web in front of him, would retreat, would retract. 

And that makes sense to me. That’s important information; I like that. So we’re able to speed along at a very fast pace. The father and the mother may be on the road, but we’re going over hill and dale just watching the spider knowing that he will give us a head’s up if there is a dead body nearby. 

So the meaning is, the boy is an innocence and his purity enables him to free flow without recrimination. Where there is any guilt or repressed beingness the acute senses will mirror this back. The spider detects shadow energy and a repressed Kundalini as it travels through the outer conditions of life. In other words if there’s anything awry, it will leave a stigma in the air. 

The deeper meaning is I have access to a sense of knowingness that comes from within, and the boy and spider are the symbolic inflection of that. And the scenario of the past is I used to use astrology to peek through insightfully. I mean, it’s kind of like an excuse, kind of like a ticket. It’d create an inflection and then I could take that inflection even further. The astrology was just kind of like something that opened the window or something, but then all of a sudden everything popped through. But nowadays there is the dream world and more refined correlation.

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