Near the Essence

The idea of witnessing brings our perspective to a much deeper level. We can speak of seeing and hearing, or experiencing, but to witness something means we have entered the realms of service. In witnessing we use many more faculties, in addition to our brain’s interpretation, that allow us to register ourselves as part of the picture, as well as giving us a stepped-back perspective on what is happening. This distancing makes our appraisal much more neutral, less biased, which the universe can better relate to in its data gathering. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now, in my meditation dream, I have returned to an apartment complex I’m living in; I have a friend who has come with me to visit. As I walk down the hallway and turn to go down steps to the lower floor, I hear the voice of a little boy saying, Hi, Ray. 

So I go back to where I heard the sound. In other words, as I’m about to go down to the next level, from the main floor, and that’s where I find that there is a mother, who has her back to me, and she has this little boy in her arms. So I stick my arms around her from the back and around her son. And then, all of a sudden, I realize that this is not the son I remember, this is a little guy that I’ve never seen before. 

And he probably isn’t old enough yet to speak, and he has kind of pointed ears, and because I’ve never seen him before, how is it possible that he would know how to greet me, or even know my name, if he could speak? Somehow this has come through, however.

Now, this mother also has an older boy, that I do know, from long ago. But he isn’t here, who is what I expected to be the one that had called out my name as I had returned. But, in the meantime, she’s had this new son. 

And also when I was turning to go to where the voice was called, I heard a kind of a click. And the effect was something that went into the boy almost like penetrated up around his ears or something; penetrated, but didn’t hit any solid bone or anything. And almost like I’m creating an amnesic image or something, or something that had kind of the sensation of a hit and miss effect, in other words it didn’t do any damage. But it did kind of click. 

When I see the boy he’s a kind of being a bit checked out or amnesic yet, maybe even a little sickly looking – with odd little pointed ears. I can tell he doesn’t know what is going on yet. However, I was greeted by a boy’s voice, and how is that explained? And he’s the only little boy that’s there.

The meaning is within there is a clarity that is veiled in an outer way – but not in an inner way. I’m able to hear and denote the quality of an inner beingness, or the effect of an inner beingness, but even though I can do that, try as I might it’s not something that can be made visible to the naked eye. 

So I had to be in a receptive witnessing state for this to make itself known to me, because, in the outer, this is veiled by mind/senses and amnesic conditions. So the deeper meaning is when I hear things that cannot be so it is because an awakening has occurred from an inner dimensionality outside of time and space, where you have a mind that flows in an outer capacity way, separate, in terms of the inner. 

So to hear like this, or to be like this, to do so, is to touch connective vibrations near the essence of one’s being. The effect is a vibrational aliveness, not dense, not in the dense outer veils – but to the mind and senses it still is. The observation is still restricted by the outer, however, for there to be any outer observations. In other words, it’s just noted in a type of unusual inner stillness. 

So the scenario is I am pondering the significance of witnessing and feeling. As I went into meditation, I realized witnessing involves a noticing from a deeper essence where there is no separation.

Feeling is an expression trapped on the breath; witnessing goes to the universal soul nature. Upon accessing a non-beingness you are able to, so to speak, incarnate a common communion without betraying an illusionariness that involves a direct perceiving of the inner essence. When there is a breath identification, the experience of oneness is possible as essence only.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Near the Essence

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