Change from Above

Do we suppress the best of ourselves in an effort to stay in control? We may not realize it, but when, out of fear or prior experience, we avoid certain situations or possibilities, we are limiting our opportunities to grow – and to shine. The journey of our life shows us our true colors – we never know who we really are until we decide who we are in moments of great pressure. We all have an incredible capacity to learn and grow; exploring new frontiers of ourselves is the best expedition to make. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So then, in the next dream, I take and create a completely forgotten meditation dream. And the sleep dream had no idea what the meditation dream was, or any idea how this might fit together. 

And in the sleep dream, I’m looking at this as something that comes from above, top-down effect, that when looked at in a straight away way, it’s a maze. Just like what you perceived where everything was just unable to be sorted out. 

So, in the last dream, I’m in a forest. I have a house, and there are other houses, and this little existence that is there, this civilization, exists in a forest that is overgrown. And that I live in a place that is near and amidst all these trees. My sense is that a match could catch the whole afire and everything would burn out of control. Everything would be affected by this maze. 

Well, as circumstances would have it, a large tree is lit, and, to my surprise, the fire doesn’t spread. It starts off as an extremely intense fire, and it burns the whole overage of the tree, the top of the tree – not the base trunk coming up. And it’s very hot when it does this. But then all of a sudden, once the crown is burned, the fire stays under control – but still up in the air. 

And so it’s an interesting sight to see this, that it did this, and this tree stands out above the other trees, and it burned and yet it didn’t spread to burn up the rest of the forest. And so the other foliage which is smaller, to my surprise, you take the limbs off of these smaller trees that are like their thinning – and doing it at her own pace. 

And I could take these trunks, these tree trunks like logs, and I could throw them up off the ground up onto the base of where this thing is still hot and burning, it hasn’t burned itself all the way to the ground. In other words, it’s still burning from top down, up in the air, you might say halfway up the tree. But now in an ember stage where whatever you throw on it is ignited and burned. And all that I pile on top of it is logs that have been de-limbed; I don’t see what happens to the rest of the branches or anything. 

Once this tree has caught fire it’s like everything else is okay. And then the rest of it’s just a matter of pruning. And, in this way, the fire is under control. And I am pressed to see the top area, that is impressive in size, you know the halo of it all, burned – which is a sight that’s hard to take your eyes off of because you wouldn’t have believed that something like this was possible. And you can see it; normally you wouldn’t see it because everything was in a maze. 

The meaning is, the idea that the forest that I am amidst is an uncontrollable maze is challenged in this dream. When a fire is ignited a large tree burns, but it burns like a bush, a large bush that’s all spread out. But, in the end, the fire is all contained. I wouldn’t have believed that this was possible if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. 

What I’m talking about is an effect that can stand out singularly in an environment, and, in doing so, clears the space in the outer and removes, at leisure, excess foliage all the while being a flow, a result, for all to see. 

What there is speaks for itself. Those who observe the net effect are able to note a result that is possible without getting caught up in out of control circumstances. For me, the result is dramatic. For the rest of the forest, the effect is measured. In this way, what is able to be accommodated is taken in in stride.

So I’m speaking in terms of the whole, not in terms of myself, in which the process is from the top down, an imprint when removal is apparent there is a wonder for all to see. This seems to be what is needed for the forest to be appreciated again. And the deeper meaning is change is from above, but apparent to the overall.

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