On the Verge

There are situations in certain games that require you to hand something off before you can receive the next object you need to receive. Life is like that, too. Nature abhors a vacuum, so when we let go of one thing, there is a space that wants to be filled, and will be filled, very quickly. And because we don’t always know what that “something” is, we are resistant to letting go. But the flow of life tells us that it will always provide the next thing we need. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had one dream in which I seem to be going to this house in the country; it’s almost like a house maybe that I’m taking over, but there were some people, like a young girl and maybe her even younger sister, or even a baby, that even though they were supposed to move out they still seem to come back sometimes and be staying in one of the rooms, or two of the rooms. 

And so when I go, I have a younger person with me, and then sometimes we might go to a certain room, it might even be a room that’s hard to find. But then there’s somebody there that I feel like should have moved on. Maybe they just come back at certain hours, or at night. I know they should move on, and, at the same time you feel like maybe they’re homeless and how do you accommodate that? Because I have the new people moving in, that are with me, and the former people actually need to go, but do they actually have anywhere to go to? So that’s one dream.

John: It’s a precursor to something that’s shifting, in which you don’t have any information or knowledge about it. And that you just have maybe some sense of something that’s equivocated or jarred inside of yourself. 

It’s kind of an unusual situation to be in because it speaks of an awareness that isn’t there yet, going to someplace you don’t know. The way I saw it was that, if I get up, I don’t know how far it is that I have to go. And that what seems should be close is actually maybe further than what it would take to get there. 

I’m also realizing that what was suggested to me is like we go into a place, and, all of a sudden, you ask for something and they dispense a couple pills. And you say,”What are these?” Well, I’m aware that what they are is something that people in a certain way frame of reference are inclined to take. So it’s not a bad idea to take them, it’s just that we don’t take them. And that they leave you and put you in a particular way that is actually a good way to be. 

And those who take those pills have a perception and a way of being that is different than others who do not take them. And this dream fits into the scenario because I’m finding that somehow or another I’m going on and on and on and not getting there, when getting there should not be that difficult because it just has to do with a particular kind of clarity of awareness that comes through.

And that I take those pills because, you know, why not? I’m not getting there. And these pills lead to, and cause, a different sense of something to be recognized inside of myself. And that if I am having trouble going from A to B, meaning that it’s not taking me more -when something that should be done automatically, it’s now taking me all day to do that. Then I need to take these pills in order to break through whatever it is that’s in the way because this needs to occur. 

So that dream is similar to your dream, and that was something that I had that I didn’t write up, in that they point to something on the verge, but not yet in the modality of the process of being quickened and leading to an awakening.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: On the Verge

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