Not Quite Right

It can seem amazing sometimes the things we don’t notice about life. Things like: when we start something new, we always feel a bit of fear or nervousness; or, new situations always require a period of adjustment before we feel settled and comfortable. The point being, when we aren’t conscious of these processes we can feel even more nervous or anxious, but, if we understand that it is a natural process, we will know where we are in that process, and also understand that it will pass in time. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the next dream I seem to be in a house where there’s a transition going on, also, but it’s all daylight, whereas the other dream was all in darkness. Also it feels like it has some elements of my family house. And my mother’s around because I know one time I go in to do laundry and I find that she’s started to do my laundry, and I’m a little disturbed because I feel like I should do my own laundry. That makes it a little harder to find something I want – if she’s doing it. 

At other times I have these young high school girls that come over. And, when they come in, it feels like they have to climb into the rooms in odd ways, like come up a ladder, or come into the room from an odd angle where there isn’t a complete stairway yet. That sort of thing. 

And one of them is concerned because she’s been out on a date, and the guy hasn’t even made a pass at her, so she likes him and doesn’t know how he feels. And I’m telling her that maybe she just needs to actually say something to him and find out if he’s being overly polite, or is he just not interested? So she knows.

The other gal, whom I seem a little closer to, I’m trying to get her oriented to where things are in the house, and even what room she can stay in. But the house still seems to be in a little disarray, like it’s not completely formed the way it will be when it’s set up right.

John: So your way of trying to establish something so that it is copacetic, and getting it so that it has a sense, and feel, and relatability that’s copacetic, is an action that is done in the in-breath of spaciousness. 

So the environment that you find yourself in isn’t set up right, it doesn’t relate right. And so all that this dream is trying to do is to trip your fancy into the curiosity of having to probe more deeply, because it’s now time to catch up with the spaciousness that exists in an empty space – outside of the modality in which one comes to perceive themselves. 

So all of it was pointing to the spaciousness but the last part, meaning, and pointing out, that it hasn’t been discovered yet. But that’s how something starts when something is meant to break through and come into a consciousness, first there is the sense of its existence. And then from the sense of its existence comes the discovery of it, of more and more about it, coming through into a sense of one’s being more, and more, and more.

And it’s interesting that this is coming through, in terms of how we are, and we’re doing it with the dreams.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Not Quite Right

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