Rules of Battle

We all have unspoken rules within us. If this happens, then we do this or that. When we feel afraid, we react in this or that manner. But, like in any battle, there are rules of engagement until things start to go badly, and then, suddenly, there are no rules. Our psychologies can seem like this sometimes, even when, or especially when, we shine the light of conscious awareness upon them. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My very first dream seems to have been influenced by watching Ender’s War, because all I remember is it felt like I was in some kind of a vehicle, and I was involved in a battle. But the rules of the battle were such that we weren’t supposed to be using bombs or anything, I guess, something like that.

But, suddenly, just as I’m going along with the rules, everything just blows up. That was the whole dream. Okay, that was my first one. 

John: The theme of the dreaming last night had to do with the way something is set up as a system, as an orientation. And that if there’s something about the system or the orientation that is set, even though it may pretend not to be set, that may have psychological designs in order to make it appear to be different, or to make it appear to be as if it’s fluid, and fully accepting everything that’s unfolding. That isn’t necessarily the case, in terms of what is happening around us at this time. 

And you can see that, and you’re seeing that, by something that blows up. And it’s probably because something like this is caused when you are holding out, and onto, a particular mannerism or motif that isn’t actually properly included, or viewed as able to be included, in the way that something exists, to, so to speak, go into something in a way in which you are able to go into it in a connectiveness way that embraces the whole, you don’t then go back into any kind of bifurcation. 

But you’re doing this kind of like as a type of playing with fire or something. Well, in any event, it is working with the breath in a way, and it continues to work with the breath in a way, that places an importance upon the breath; upon maintaining something in the breath. And, thus, you have your idea of holding on to something important, as opposed to a letting go. And as he says there’s a sense of something that comes up, goes across, and comes down. 

And what I’m pointing out is that you have to maintain something. That’s what I ended up seeing, you have to maintain a consistency to something that you put your attention upon. But it’s not necessarily a bulldog approach, but you do have to maintain your attention upon it, because if you break your attention up, then you’re not connected to an intertwined whole. 

So you come into life with a deep remembrance, as opposed to necessarily a connection. In other words, there is something askew, and a part of me is just screaming at the top of my lungs about there being a type of something that isn’t being noticed, and isn’t being recognized, and isn’t being brought through in terms of a clarity. And I have been feeling something like this for quite some time, and now it is, in a way, tending to be a bit louder.

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