A Different Key

We can be lazy sometimes: we’ll use our tried and true methods first, when we encounter something new. If they work, that’s fine, but if they don’t, then we have to expand our thinking and begin to search farther afield. This dream is a nice example of that. A different key is required to drive the vehicle of one’s life, but that doesn’t mean everything goes smoothly. Suddenly there is a canyon, exploding water, huge animals and chaos. Then, just as suddenly, there is a return to the normal scene. This shows our interior process of being out of balance. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in my second dream, I seem to have a rental car of some kind, and I’m going back to a place where I rented it to get an additional key; a different kind. So I park the car in one place on the rim of this kind of horseshoe-shaped canyon. And then I’ve walked to the area where I wanted to get the key and I go in. 

It’s a very kind of exclusive looking place, I kind of go up to the counter and I get my keys, I get this little key that almost looks like a little safety deposit box key, it’s a small little round key, and I put it on a chain. I also seem to have what looks almost like a kaleidoscope or a telescope of some kind. 

Then I go back out to go to the car. Well, instead of going back to the left to the car, I continue on to the right, thinking that that road goes there also. But because it’s a horseshoe-shaped canyon, it actually doesn’t. And when I start to go down the trail, I’m suddenly sliding and I slide way down. 

So then I look around me and I’m more like near the midway point of a deep canyon and I see that I need to get across it. So I start trying to cross it, midway up it near the rim, but I suddenly see that down below what I thought was solid ground, with maybe even some snow on it, is actually some kind of like a river and it’s breaking up, the ice is kind of exploding into the air. I even see something that looks like a prehistoric elephant coming up out of it. And other large animals suddenly running around the areas of the canyon. 

So I just realize I can’t cross there, and I can’t seem to go back up where I slid down. So I’m midway at the canyon, trying to climb up over some rocks, and I actually climb up on one ledge and a large animal of some kind comes up with me that seems kind of friendly, it’s just trying to get out from all the chaos down below. And I see that I just have to grab one more area and climb up, and suddenly I seem to have reached back to the office.

And I’ve gone into the office, and I want to show somebody something that happened, so I have what looks like either a telescope or a kaleidoscope that has the pictures in it that I want to show them, but when I go to show them, and I look through it, the pictures in it are getting smaller rather than larger the way they should when you look through it. So I picked it up and I’m trying to fiddle with it to see what the problem is. And that was when I woke up.

John: That’s a pretty varied dream, because it starts off in which you access a key but you access the key in a place which is removed, your car is disassociated from where a place is – there’s a gap, in other words, in the dream. 

And when you feel this gap, the gap feels like there’s something about it that’s too black-and-white or linear or something, that’s too set in some capacity. I mean, that’s what the dream is suggesting. And the theme in terms of the image with Ender’s thing, is that there can be a focus and attention, but does the focus and attention take in the scope of all that needs to be taken in? And, if it doesn’t, then it blows something up. 

And, in this particular case, if you’re not taking into account everything that needs to be taken into account, in other words if there’s a gap, then the gap results in all this other stuff that seems to be happening in the dream, which was kind of a repeating of the gap running its course into other things. 

That’s the sense that you’re left with in terms of a schematic, or a scenario, I guess, that one’s gone through, is that you’re left with the idea that there is disjointing that exists, some sort of disjointing that exists. And that whether you can catch up with the disjointing or not, whether you can get beyond that. Because if you can’t it has an inclination – a sense inclination – kind of blow you up. 

When you’re confronted with something like this on a spiritual path, what you’re actually portraying is something that is fighting something a little bit. And when you fight something sometimes you learn better that way – when you fight something.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: A Different Key

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