This Way or That

The human is very adaptable, for good and for ill. We can rise to a new occasion, or we can become inured to our state of affairs and begin to think it’s just normal. Part of this is a way for us to find a state of balance, but part of it is the way our memory can begin to fade the clarity of different perspectives away. Every thread we follow can take us on a path further away from where we want to be – if we don’t realize it is happening. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, this meditation dream is like a repeat meditation dream, I could swear I wrote this up once before, but I don’t think I have.

It starts off in which, to begin with, there are two ways of being. In other words, they’re kind of equal, you can go this way or that way. And they both pull your focus, but, at some point, I realize, or fairly quickly realize when I go into the outer way, which is the way that is the loudest, that the other tends to become faint, is no longer equal, it tends to be kind of dissipated.

Well, because they were fairly equal to begin with, it’s hardly noticeable, but over a course of time that changes. And I come to know the outer, and its loudness is taking and chopping off, or keeping, the subtler that is the inner need, that has a consistency to it that I somehow remember a bit about, that lies within. I have a sense of needing to go back to that, to touch that. However, in the dream, the subtler energetic effect becomes practically nonexistent when my attention turns towards a reflective outer that is louder. 

And it’s more popular, and it’s an easier orientation to maintain because there is the quality of identification that hones it into place. It is the subtler, however, that’s more inward as an orientation, that some part of me realizes is important; it can’t be lost. 

And to do more of the outer it naturally drowns out, in other words, it’s a reference that has a type of reflective attraction that occurs at the expense of the inner. In other words, if you’re not careful, that’s what happens. And so I realize, from this dream, that I don’t want to lose the subtler inner. I have to work at it to retain the awareness, inner awareness, when in the midst of abstractions.

As a frame of reference the outer is the standard default mannerism that predominates because it is louder. This outer orientation involves the out-breath; not the in-breath, the out-breath traveling away from God. It is in the out-breath that there is a greater tendency, in terms of putting one’s attention because it’s easiest to do. But upon noticing this effect, I find that I need to mirror the subtler effect. In other words, never lose that, mirror that while in the outer.

The subtler effect needs to be consistently acknowledged, within, or it will fade away. Or it will go into spiritual illusion that it somehow or another is happening when it’s not happening. Remembrance of how I really am is crucial to this process. In other words, it’s a remembrance that has to do with an attention, that has to do into an adherence, that has to do to an intertwining. 

So the meaning is, first of all, this is a type of “what’s going on?” is the dream starts out with me having what seems to be two options. And they seem to be equal. As they come more into manifestation, my remembrance of the inner orientation becomes harder and harder to remember.

I come to know that there is a consistent connection, from the inner, that I yearn to maintain, as being the important imprint reference for my beingness’ value. And this cannot go away, even if I find myself lost or drowned into the outer. 

So the deeper remembrance is, when there is the louder outer orientation I have to realize that to access a more real aliveness I need to be intertwined to a consistent inner thread, a within-ness that connects me, as a greater one being, to the essence.

The outer is an orientation to a reflective frame of reference that predominates inconsistently. When I go more into the outer, that is when I am able to notice that my heart reaches, some part of it wants to reach, back to the subtler inner connection for guidance. 

I seem to need the bifurcation, however, to appreciate the inner as a remembrance. When I go more into the outer, I’m able to denote the value of the inner essence, fortunately, but it’s faint, because it’s a subtleness that’s upon the heart. And it’s only there upon the heart when the heart is more sensitively aligned to the wholeness of life.

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