It’s very easy for us to consider ourselves human, although there are many actions in this world that should be understood as sub-human. Yet do we often wonder what it means to fulfill the human possibility? When a flower blooms it has realized its perfection. What is that fulfillment for a human? There is not a single bloom, perhaps, because we are multiple in our design and each unique in our way. Still, our physical incarnation combined with our spiritual power are a design, and within every design is the path to its fulfillment. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my dreaming last night, I even was hearing the word inferred, like, say, Dean saying, that such a person is a realized person. And I kept thinking, what’s a realized person? Because he refers to himself as not having become a realized person, or not having quite made it. 

And yet he goes round and can say that something is a realized person. In my dream, I’m even seeing him say that. And so I keep saying, well, that’s very positive for him to use that flippantly about whatever it was that he was referring to in the dream. 

And then I realized that it’s the essence that’s always realized. And that we bifurcate that, all the way to the point where we make all of this substance around us to contend with. And then we go around trying to solve and play with that. 

The danger that we face is that we have some degree of success at evolving, as if we’re evolving consciously, evolving in terms of vibrations, able to take the vibrations into different iterations. And have no idea that we, as a vibration of all vibrations, are language, the vibrations actually can speak. In other words, I can see the vibrations get to a point where if you can accept all vibration, if you can accept the vibration, if you can truly, truly accept the vibration, and you can accept the vibrations within the vibration, you end up with something that has language, sound. Has sound, has language, and then can act like electricity, can spark, can flicker like light.

Quite an interesting thing in terms of wondering what one really is. And so when we go through, and we dream in all of our different ways of dreaming of things, we are still struggling with, we’re still contending with, aspects of ourselves in a bifurcated way. We’re still doing some sort of fortification, or re-fortification of identity, instead of letting it go completely still. 

So stillness gets to a letting go of all of that. Samadhi, another way of saying it, because sometimes the words that are put to the condition of what one experiences when they’re in Samadhi can sometimes be a little different informationally, is where you’re at a point in which nothing touches you. But in such a Samadhi state, and you’re walking around, you don’t necessarily usually get it and so you find yourself falling back into things.

Meaning that when you’re in a Samadhi and walking around, or Satori, a Satori that is a reflection, a state reflection, out of a condition of having hit a Samadhi, and the Satori, you kind of walk around in a nurtured way. In other words, you’re not really touched or afflicted by things, but you don’t stay that way because you eventually get consumed by the common denominators of vibrations instead of being able to keep going back, and back, and back until you are just the essence of nothingness. Who can do that?

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Breaking the Hold

There are so many things to be set free within us: our creativity, our sensitivity, our imagination. Yet we don’t seek to free these attributes for our personal joy at being able to do, though that will be a part of the effect, we do it because we are an absolutely unique expression within the universe, and, therefore, can offer the universe something it won’t get anywhere else. This is what the universe hopes for from us, and what we can offer to it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only remember one dream. In that dream it feels like I’ve been captured by a woman who’s somewhat crazy. It’s myself and one other person that have been captured. 

And we’re trying to engage in movements, or exercises even, that will help us get free. But she thinks that we’re alien or something, so we have to be careful because we can’t do any movements that she identifies as alien movements. So we’re trying to figure out what exercises or what movements, or what we can do that might help us get free, that won’t look too alien to her. 

At one point it even feels like Robin Williams is around and advising us. But we’re still trying to figure it out because we know she’s kind of crazy. Well, we want to get free, but we have to be very careful with our movements because we’re not sure, in terms of her craziness, what she will identify as alien, and what she won’t. And yet, we still want to get free.

John: So what you’re doing is you’re talking about being trapped, with vibrations, in a human body. And that those vibrations have taken on a form, or a matter, and that you have come to looking at all of that, those vibrations, as something that reflects, reflects as matter, and that every matter that you see, that is created out of a vibration is something that when you identify with it, you know that this identification isn’t free. 

In other words, you don’t mean to identify. If you didn’t identify, it would just be an essence that, among its levels of incarnation, can go from vibration, to sound, can speak, can formulate apparitions of itself. And the apparitions can actually have substance. And that the substance can control as if it’s something else, or more, but is actually something that you created. 

And so the idea of a nation, and our beingness in a nation, or place, is all manufactured by what the mind really is. We know the mind to be something that seems to spur off of senses, and has a quality that has condensed, and isn’t able to take in the fact that we’re just an essence, we’re a non-being, we’re like a type of nothingness that goes through iterations and phases. 

As long as we have to make something out of something, or have to have some sort of identification, or are in a modality of trying to sort something out, we are trapped as manifestation. We are manifestation; we are everything that exists. 

So, in your dream, you have this crazy woman, and the movements are alien to the point where you identify with them as if they lead to something, which they do. You do these various exercises in order to try to break their hold upon you, meaning whatever the substance hold is that is upon you, because there’s something behind all of those exercises that gets released. 

Everything is trapped, so to speak, in the microcosm of things, because in the macrocosm of things there is just the overallness. And the overallness is something in which if you were to take it from the overallness towards something that’s condensed, you might start with it as like a type of thought that comes out of a stillness, to which the thought takes on a vibration, and then that vibration takes on form.

And then as form it has a quality about it that is isolated. Then, to try to come back out of form, you try to go through motions, you try to do mannerisms, you try to do practices all to inflect yourself back to the vibration.

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A Central Aspect

If we, as humans, manifest ourselves from inner into outer – an ultimate expression of our thoughts, feelings, and intentions, among other things – we are also, in many ways, the gatekeepers of our own possibility. Ergo, if we are obsessing for years about an old wound, or personal slight, we will not only produce the effects of that in our chemical and cellular make-up, but we will also have prevented something else from manifesting because of a lack of generation and intention, or even because we could not let go of this other thing. So it is said, we become what we think about. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the dream, there are moments in which what I seek smacks into inner snags, and, on an inner level, I notice waverings from the outer collective. I accept the flickerings to be kind of like part of our nature, or karmically oriented. 

And that I believe the karma to be correlated to personal mannerisms, which we all have our personal mannerisms that cause us to be a little bit this way and that way, not being able to catch up with the big picture. 

So, to the degree this personal interferes with what I seek to do with a seeded, knee-jerk remembrance latent within the design, to the degree that there is something, I gotta somehow shake it through, or bring it, find a way that it somehow makes sense so that I can just let go. If I let go, yet not give up the focus; you let go but you don’t give up the focus of seeing what needs to come through – if there’s something that needs to come through. 

Because I might be able to overcome self-limiting perceptions, nuances, spells, and embedded fearfulness associated with a woundology, in other words, is that what I’m trying to offset in some other way that is holding me in a compacted way? And yet, what I see above, in the sleep dream, not in the meditation dream but in the sleep dream, is I don’t see anything up there. 

So the key is taking to heart a bigger, more non-personalized picture, because everything within is what makes us tick as like a type of incarnated vibratoriness to which we grope about to connect to, so that what can be, or is meant to be, is acted out or visualizes itself through us. 

Well whatever all this is, I see it to be mutable, not set. In other words, it’s not like what comes through us is black-and-white. It’s mutable, it’s not set. And there is a feature within the overallness where designing is able to intertwine. The key for there to be a designing, so that you’re not just banging your head trying to make something go and happen, the key is to have a certain soft heart, a soft-handed mannerism. 

In other words, don’t take everything too intently to the point where the woundology drives you as opposed to a greater sense of self – so that whatever is behind all of this, whatever is the central aspect of what is really the depth of who we are, so that that can incarnate, and the need, in order for that need to be palpable must comport with the unfolding overallness. 

So I guess it’s kind of a dream that’s describing one’s plight, in which we all carry compulsions that are accentuated, in some regard or another, that we have to either let go of, or live out, or learn to bring to a state of greater stillness. Or maybe they’re part of the design, in which we act as a functional vehicle, so to speak, to help a particular energetic further unfold, or run its course, or however it needs to be. 

And that what’s so unusual with my sleep dream, maybe I should have somehow figured out how to wake up and write it up, because in the sleep dream I’m just going on, and on, and on into an area in which there’s nothing in the area, corridors and stuff that are dark or whatever, that I go down. And I don’t find anything at the end of them, and conclude that eventually there has to be something that will exit where I’m at. 

And, in the end, the only thing I recall is that there’s something that seems to be like this being a humongous empty parking garage or something, that in the end there seems to be something that I can kind of go down. It’s like an entryway into it or something, and I kind of bend down a little bit to follow this.

And so I’m coming down that to see where that goes, suddenly feeling that there are a whole bunch of people now, and that this has been sitting above all of that, and there are a whole bunch of people down below. I wake up, I don’t do this to the point where I confirm whether that’s so or not. 

So I guess that dream would be taking what I was dreaming inside and would be trying to take that overallness as a deep inner spaciousness and bring something through that. And that the meditation dream was more like trying to do the same thing, but doing it as if I was already down in a sequence of something and trying to create the linkage from being down here, a linkage that would comport with an action, a mannerism unfoldment that is deemed okay or allowed in the outer. But from the inner, trying to come down and through, it was still a matter of discovering what there is in the outer.

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