Take It to Heart

Why are we drawn to those with charisma? What is it about someone who is calm in a crisis that helps us remain calm? We don’t often understand it this way, but they are radiating an energy that affects our energy, in the same way that we may want to avoid someone who gives us the “creeps.” What this implies is that what we hold energetically affects the people and things around us. Our spiritual journey enables us to be conscious of this capability, and use it to good effect. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my initial dream, it’s like I’m lying in this bed, either with you or at least with another person. And we each have other people that follow us, right now they’re to the sides of the bed, or out in the world more. 

And there are some shifts that can be made. And it feels like normally for people in the world, you’d have to kind of give them four instructions for them to reach out their hand, and then with their hand take this energy and shift things. But each of us has one person we’re relating to that can make this shift in under four. 

So far, we have to give them the instructions for that to happen. But it’s almost like we have a little contest going. And so I bring the person that I feel can make the shift in just one, or with one or two, words. And you’ve brought your person close, but it feels like you are able to get your person to shift either with no words, or to reach out their hand and make something shift with either no words or just one word. 

And I have to use at least one word, you know, tell them one thing that helps them kind of sequence in what the other motions are that will make something shift.

John: So what you’re describing is a quality of how to do something in an invisible way that has an effect with as little noticeability as possible. The best way of creating the effect is to know how to hold a stillness as a witness kind of quality. That’s a quality, and a trait, that requires the ability to see what is being felt, and to flip inside, in kind of an in-breath way, to the heart. Or take that to the heart, which is to the stillness. 

So first, you have to sense it inside, and you have to sense it inside almost as if at a quality or a point that is revelational, which means that it is near the out-breath in terms of the interval, or at that. And then when you can sense that you can transform or switch that into a witnessing flow where you have the upswing to the stillness somewhere else. 

So what you’re talking about, and what you’re describing, and what you’re doing as a process is you’re taking and coming into life, bringing down a vibration, and you’re describing how it’s done. You’re describing a process by which it’s done. 

When you actually have to say something, if you can say something so that the inflection that is created within does the work in terms of the other person, that’s okay. That’s why as few words as possible is good. 

It’s interesting that you dreamt this, this aspect of a way of contending with manifestation. You work fairly effectively. So you dreamt something that worked out in a fairly balanced way as a process of a quality of energy able to go into the outer. What you looked at, was okay, in terms of how to go into the outer, how to be like the soldier between two worlds, both to something on the inner and something in the outer. 

Your out-breath is traveling with the thought, or mannerism, and goes down and touches life. Your in-breath is sweeping things back into the spaciousness. To properly touch something with the thought of an out-breath you have to somehow or another hit the stillness point to cause the inflection. 

If you don’t, a person stays lost in their thoughts, or contends with their thoughts. The in-breath is maybe another way of trying to do that, but if it doesn’t work in the out-breath properly, chances are what occurs on the in-breath is going to be more or less something that’s more subconscious – so the effect is more invisible.

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