The Greater Office

At the end of the day we can sit for a few minutes and review how our day went. How did we handle that encounter, or why did we not speak up? Or, look how much we accomplished! This is not designed to be critical, but to be conscious of how we are, in relationship to the world we are interacting with, because being aware helps us in the future. We can look at our dreams in the same way: how are we handling, or managing, the scenes we are in? How does it make us feel? Today’s dream is a good example of this. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only remembered my last dream. And in that dream, at first I’m in a building, it seems like it’s an old wooden building with several stories to it. And I seem to go down to an office – I wish I could remember this more clearly – but there’s some younger kids, a guy that’s maybe 18, 19. 

And then I seem to go down and talk with them in their office and then leave the building with them. And they take me down to an area where one of them is giving a concert. So we sit behind some bleachers, and the guy has his little band right to the side. And it feels like a girl about his age comes in that he knows, and then the whole room is filled up with people. 

And as he’s singing and giving the concert sometimes all these little teeny boppers come and kind of swoon about that and it’s like the other girl and I are kind of looking at each other, because we just know him as almost like a brother. And so to see all these other kids kind of going gaga over him is kind of amazing. 

Plus, we’re actually a little amazed that he really can sing quite well. He’s even made up some songs of his own and I’m impressed by that, that he can remember all these songs. Then he goes in front of us a bit to sing to some more girls who kind of flooded down from the bleachers kind of like to stream around the singer. 

But then, when he’s over with the song, suddenly most of the adults and everybody just stand up and walk out. It’s like, well, it’s been there long enough and it’s time to go home. It’s just like this abrupt end to it all. That’s all I remember.

John: What did it feel like? Like, when you say you came down to this office and went with this guy to where he was doing his music gig, or a different energy, what did that feel like to do that?

Jeane: Well, it was a little more liberating once we went down to where he was singing than it was in the office atmosphere. The office atmosphere was just kind of restrictive. 

John: Yes, the theme of the dream state, kind of like the lesson to be looked at for last night, had to do with being able to accommodate a flow, that may not even be something that you’re familiar with, that you’re aware that you’re familiar with, anyway, but that you’re able to accommodate, because you’re able to watch, or let go.

Now watching and let go have a lot in common, with the distinction that let go can imply an avoidance, but a proper letting go incorporates an inclusiveness. 

So the greater office of your being is that in which you’re able to go into the various elements of flow, that exist in the outer, and be able to take it in, and be able to be kind of a watcher or empty space to that. And that helps facilitate it running its course, which means that it comes to a completion.

Deeper in all of that is that the letting go and holding the space that accommodates the letting go of a flow, that may be anything, it doesn’t have to be just what you portrayed, it can be anything, is your work. Is what brings you out of a trance, in which you find yourself as holding onto a separate modality. 

You find that you can be in life and amidst all of this other stuff going on in the office of life and not get swept up by it, be able to accommodate it, however, in other words you don’t fight it. And you pull something out of that, then, that is important, that has its own beauty. 

It may not be the beauty in the eyes of all people, but it’s a beauty, nevertheless, in terms of a way of being because things are just energies, they’re not positive or negative, per se. And by being able to be an empty space, you are able to take it in until it just runs its karma, comes to a fruition, or comes to its own deeper awakening.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: The Greater Office

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