Vibrational Destiny

We have seen the ripples in a pond spread out in expanding circles. They will continue to flow outward until the energy of the instigating effect has been expended. We have also seen that if those ripples meet a rock, or some other interference, the interference creates a crosstalk pattern. And, if there are a number of interferences, the pattern quickly becomes chaotic. We can imagine ourselves in the same way: when we interact in life, do we cause an interference, or do we allow things to unfold naturally? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The theming of the dreaming was set forth fairly clearly in the dream world, in which it begins with me being at a gathering and noticing that this particular gathering, or party, or get together carries a predominant theme, and this theme projects into life. 

It’s kind of like dreaming. When you have a dream, you go through states, and those states then project, just like the theme of the dreaming last night, and something one had to understand to understand the dream, that state has a projected vibration. 

And if you can read that projected vibration, that is a flow and an unfoldment that is true – and something that a person needs to be able to accommodate, go along with. It doesn’t mean it’s necessarily true, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad, it’s just the way something is undulating. 

So you could say that the scenario for the meditation dream being like it was had to do with the surrounding, last night, in which the vibration was what set the tone for the state. By going along with the vibe, I found myself drilling down into it in terms of the vibration. And, in doing so, I noticed that I had a dexterity, and it had a destiny, that I was able to accept or denote. It’s not, again, a question of judgment. 

And I couldn’t denote it on the energetic that it was on, plus the sense of other levels as well – even though I don’t understand where all these other levels go. To be able to go into that is to be able to follow an energetic, like in a kind of fascinating, perceptive way. It’s like watching. 

And, at the same time, not only just watching it, but taking it in. You can’t really watch something and take it in if you fight it in some regard. So you just kind of go along with it. I noticed that there was something like this in the wind when I first walked in. 

And so that was the setting, along with certain others that were there that were able to naturally free flow. Other than that there was a particular vibratory motif. I also noticed that the atmosphere had an energetic agenda. They may not have known what their agenda was, but I knew what the agenda was right away, I could see it, because I could understand how the energy was meant to unfold. 

Because I, being an empty free flow, can just kind of correlate and relate, and then step back, just kind of tweak the energy and then step back. You just tweak it in a particular way, you could say, from a roundabout way of looking, that the energetic business in such a vibratoriness, already predominated but had yet to unfold. 

Like a dream, this was an energetic state to be read. To not read it would have resulted in a missing out on what was going on in the atmosphere of the place. To have projected a value this way or that would have been inappropriate. 

To be able to free flow without having to cut through anything, and to leave it all as is, was the opportunity for a wonderful dance as presented therein. This is what it is like to be able to be still, within, the result being a free flow able to see the design. The designing was according to the prevailing projection and its need. 

And of course, in your particular case, what you saw is that’s how something runs its course, comes to an end. Otherwise, it continues to just sit in the atmosphere and doesn’t unfold so that it can be absorbed, or whatever, or run its course. And therefore you have a continuing mayhem, or at least a kind of mayhem in which there’s no intertwining. There wasn’t the usual heart suffering in doing something like this, or in being this kind of way, because I’m not connected to either of that. I can relate to all of that without having to be touched.

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