An Odd Sensation

The idea of bringing everything together, inside, faces the same problem as it might on the outside: what if it doesn’t fit, or if it doesn’t feel right? If we are a oneness, how could this be? Well, this is where the work of letting go of biases and defense mechanisms can be applied, because these additions cause friction to the process, and, to be in a flow requires that we be as frictionless as possible. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I did that thing again where I’m doing something that feels very spread spectrum. like it seems to be covering a lot of distance. And it’s some kind of work with energy. But I wake up and you’re not in the bed, and then I lose the dream. And then I have a later dream.

John: So, what that is it’s just denoting that you’re on the in-breath aspect of yourself, which is trying to come to grips with how to see yourself in a spaciousness. 

Usually, a person doesn’t use the in-breath, or note that the in-breath is like that, because it’s too expansive or something. And so, in order to make their world cope for them, they have to look at themselves, or see themselves, as something that comes down, that has an energetic, that compacts, has an orientation in other words, an unfoldment in the out-breath. 

But to be in the in-breath, when you don’t have things sorted out, and where you can’t quite pull a cognition together, that’s an unusual state. And it’s an unusual state that I’ve found leaves one sensationally; on a sensation function, kind of in a sensation delirium. It’s a sensation delirium because you can’t find your modality, or your place, or your scope, in terms of what it is that you’re meant to grasp, or own, in that spaciality. 

And so you’re constantly trying to, well, push to an extreme that causes some people to go a little insane. And it’s unpredictable. And it doesn’t accept; that aspect has a trait about it, where it just doesn’t accept hardly anything that is presented to it. 

Because in this spaciality, the positive side of it, is that it always has a sense that something isn’t quite right because where it deludes itself is when it gets into a compactness where it could take and think that it is accentuating something important. But when it’s trying to scope out a greater spaciality, it has a dilemma. And so that’s a very odd sensation to have to be in. But it’s part of the in-breath.

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