The Greater Equation

We don’t always realize that our natural complex of systems are designed for our spiritual journey. For example, whenever we enter a new space, or a new place, our systems are making calculations and assessments of the frequencies, energetics, and safety of where we are. But that array of natural intelligence isn’t just used for getting us through a dark street or helping us find a new home, it is also at play on our inner lives where we are trying to find our way into the universal aspects of life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It’s interesting how the theme of the dreaming was last night in that it really is something that, instead of taking and starting on the out-breath, which has to do with where you’re inclined to see yourself, as if you have an energetic thought that’s behind how you are, and so instead of being able to see yourself as that now correlating to outer things, and, of course, it’s been a little while ago when I first noticed that there is this kind of shift that happens, that you can get to where you instead see yourself as something that’s blasted into a greater overallness. 

And you have to somehow or another come back from that greater overallness into something that functions outside of the maze of that, which is from an in-breath. In other words, you’re on an in-breath trying to make an orientation in a spaciousness. And it’s giving you glimpses of things because the in-breath does get to the angelic and is a traveling towards God, and is a constant weighing of what has a value orientation in terms of yourself. 

It has its way about it in terms of taking an assessment of things. Maybe it is a shift, so to speak, in a way, from what might have been a type of out-breath, in which you had gotten too linearly oriented. And then you suddenly have this in-breath that opens something more up but leaves you in a bit of a delirium, a bit fractured, and seemingly out of tilt a little bit because you don’t have a good grip of things. 

That’s what the greater overallness is like. When you can let go of more of the me, myself, and I and can actually start to see yourself as there being a greater equation of things. But it can be extremely peculiar if you’re still trying to do that in relationship to your usual persona of having to have an identification nailed down. 

So to find yourself having to let go of an identification and go into this greater spaciousness of breath, overallness, it may be a bewilderment. But from that bewilderment comes a type of sense of orientation; a very strange one. I mean, you misuse it, you abuse it, you try to steal from that orientation in order to make something compacted again that you can get away with. 

But what ends up happening is the degree to which you are actually trying to usurp it or steal from it is the degree to which you can see it not as a form of guidance now, when you bring it down from a compacted way, but instead seeing it as something that is attempting to limit, or impact, your ability to hold something that you define as important together. So it’s policing it, it’s like a policing of it instead of as a guidance. 

So this is more on how your dream is, and more also in terms of what the understanding is in relationship to what this is like in terms of a seeing of things that involves the traveling towards God, as still aspected on the breath now, mannerism, feature, however you want to call that to sorting yourself out of the delirium, You’re still in a delirium, you’re still in the illusion, but you’re groping around to look at it is kind of what it amounts to, with a type of looking that can have a guidance to it, or at least an attempted guidance.

Only when you get to a total letting go and stillness does everything kind of come together, but between that and now, in terms of how one is, you have this developing of what you think is a kind of insight, but you don’t get much ease-ability out of it because the greater scope-ability of yourself from a stillness, it being bifurcated in some way, creates a quality of a certain kind of plaguing that you have to hold onto or maintain about your nature. 

But in a way it’s good. It’s expansive. Or I should say it’s expansive and contractive, expansive and contractive. Only in this case you’re starting with the expansive instead of the contractive where you tend to get lost, and then get into a yearning for something more. Here you’re starting with a kind of an expansive, but you’re not capable of handling the expansive, so you come back to the contractive. 

And then the degree to which you can hear the expansive is more as something that bugs you a little bit, that polices you a little bit, rather than knowing that it actually goes all the way up to a stillness from which there can be true guidance. So that’s another way of describing your dream.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: The Greater Equation

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