Sides of Self

We could say that we create our life, and that we also experience our life. If we are creating our life it implies that we are actively conscious of where it is heading. If we are experiencing our life, it seems more passive, as if we hopped on a bus and we’re not quite sure where it’s going. This is also the inner relationship between the dreamer and the dreamed; somehow, these two viewpoints can become one. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So then in my sleep, the first thing that I had was like a visualization, before I went to sleep, that kind of portrays in a glimpse what this kind of tends to look like. Because I’m working with the spaciousness, rather than say that there’s this part that’s me in this part, this other part that’s me, I’m actually able in the spaciousness to take myself out a bit.

So in the visualization you would say that I am in the inner courtyard area; I have stepped out of a huge mansion. And, in this mansion, it’s like to set in old times, you can have things that will come in front and let people off, or they can continue down the road. And that there’s like a wall, or something, as they continue on their journey on the outside road.

Or they could sweep in, but in this case, nothing is sweeping in. I’m just watching the caravan go by that I can see from where I’m at, standing at the stoop that’s just outside the door. I can see the glimpses of the tops of it, the wall blocks off the bottom part. And it’s like the settlers or something going by, or something still on its journey. 

A journey still trying to find something, figure something out. Because, behind me, it’s like the old palatial world, which portrays how it is that I am in terms of having a definition within the general overall spaciality that just is everywhere; it’s still trying to scope. 

And from where I’m standing, I know I could provide solace and rest to that which I see flowing by me that is in a state of flux, not yet oriented with what they seek. But I don’t, I do not want them to pull me down. 

And the meaning is, in this dream I’m looking at an overall energetic in which the dreamer and dreamed are imaged. To be both is a challenge. And, if this were possible, you know, to catch up with both, it generally isn’t possible – that’s what breaks spells both ways. 

The dreamer has walls to protect himself from the dreamed. And the dreamed is a setness. So, the vision I am portraying, of how I have come to see such sides of self, involves the challenge of having to look beyond a set condition and to also be in a greater spaciality in order to relate, in order for there to be the above and below, so to speak, of dreamer and dreamed. 

And without that there is a befuddlement in some sort of non-fulfilled peculiarity; both a non-fulfilled on the inner, still on the breath, and an non-fulfilled on the outer still on the breath. Again, this is outside of the stillness, it’s still working with the breath. So, in this image, both are delusional in that one is the dreamed and the other is the dreamer still trying to wake up.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Sides of Self

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