Something Limiting

Somehow we have come to believe that we have to “work through” everything. That the way we solve things is to bang away at them until they surrender. But that’s not the way of it. Energetically, when we direct energy at something we strengthen it – no matter whether we want to or not (it’s the law!). So, the way to rid ourselves of something we no longer support is to let it go – consciously, having an awareness that we are letting it go. We want to starve these things energetically, that is how they shrink and disappear in time. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So this next one kind of adds a little color to the thing in terms of delusionality; it’s still delusionality. In the next dream, I am repressed and need to speed up. I see myself as being at an octave of 50, which is now like something that is condensed, but is condensed to the point that it knows it can shift into the overallness more. 

So I need to access that which is at 60 in order to come more out of a stifled condition. But because I’ve been back and forth a few times, I don’t see the 60 as sustainable, meaning it isn’t the answer, either. You know, it’s just what is going to happen: first it condenses, then it contracts. Things ebb and flow, kind of thing. 

So, I see the 60 as something I need to reach in order to be more at ease with how I am which will settle out in a way I do not know – perhaps, over time, back to 50. But this time, more okay with it.

And the meaning is, that in order to let go of a psyche limitation I have to live out, there is this, you know, when the breath is doing what it’s doing and connects to the dharmic effect of things, you kind of have to probe or live it out. And, as you do, you come to see life in a slightly different way by this going back and forth you do. Otherwise you get caught in things. 

And currently I am not accepting – at the speed of 50 – I’m not accepting the modality I am at, thinking that there is something more. So I think I must go through some outer emotions to get through and experience a letting go to the projections. 

You could say the scenario is I am seeing myself as if in condition and I would have an illusionary imagination that acted out like this as part of outer identification. None of this is going to be the answer. You can’t tell that. There’s something limiting about myself. And it’s a type of letting go. It’s an interesting type of catching up with the stillness. You don’t know how far that is. Could be eons away.

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