One Space to Another

We may be familiar with the phrase “traveling light,” which has gained significance in this age of extra fees for extra weight. But almost any new “place” we enter will have rules about what is permissible, whether it’s a dress code for work or school, or having to take our shoes off to enter a home. In the energy worlds we face the same sort of codes: to go from one energetic frequency to a higher elevation, we have to let go of the coarseness, or lower frequencies, that can’t coexist in the higher space. Sometimes we try to get away with a little bit extra, but energies follow even stricter rules than most of our cultural situations. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember my last dream. It was like there was a group of us who were going to go on an airplane, and it was like a double-decker airplane when you got on it, not a very big one, but it had two decks. 

And there was a man that roamed the airplane, like a sheriff or someone that was trying to find if people took more on the airplane than they should. So I’m trying to stay out of his line of vision from where he is, because I don’t want him to notice that I have brought something more on the airplane with me than I should have. I think I’ve left it in a little suitcase in the upstairs part of the airplane, though. And then I walked through the downstairs part of the airplane, but I don’t want him to notice me. 

Whatever I brought on, in some way, seems to be represented by I think I’m wearing that little sweatshirt and sometimes it’s turquoise and sometimes it’s red, but it has a little pattern that drifts across it. So it feels like I kind of walk up the stairs in the plane, and walk around a corner in the plane, trying to stay out of his line of vision so that he won’t stop me and go through my stuff before we land. 

And it feels like I do make it to where we’re going without his stopping me, or throwing me off the plane or anything – but it makes a certain tension. After I get there, then it’s like I’m almost trying to sort out what it was I’d brought, or whether I still need to kind of stay out of sight with it.

John: The theme of the dreaming last night had to do with taking in, or being in, an area in which there were obstacles in terms of being able to be there. I would say that the reason for the dream like that was to cause one to recognize that they were feeling left out, or removed, from something that they had a right to, or felt that they had a right, or maybe was sitting there as something that they needed to further access

My sleep dream was the same way in that there was this huge, huge building, a huge complex, more than like a building. It was like an empty humongous structure that went on and on. And that there was nothing I could find there, yet I continued to try to probe it; it had to lead to something. 

And I knew that it was considered off limits. And yet, I still had to see what there was to see there. I never, ever, did come across anything. I came to a point where it looked like it did come out, or possibly would come out, on a far side where you would go down, or something. It was just huge and empty. There was just that sense of that. 

And you had something similar in a dream, I’m not sure if you had any vibratory effect there to help you sort it out. My sleep dream was just unable to get somewhere, open up something that I needed to open up, which was the opposite of my sleep dream. In the sleep dream, there was a lot of vibration. And, in your dream, you did have something that you needed to bring through. So there was a similarity to my meditation, your sleep dream had a motif behind it in which you were having to take something from wherever it was at and bring it through. 

And, you know, that was the theme. The theme was having something that needed to be somehow or another introduced. And, apparently, a sense must exist in our nature, that we need to bring something into awareness, something from one space into another space. Or to find something in another space, find something more.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: One Space to Another

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