Coming Alive

Like the Big Bang, everything new that comes into life is like an explosion, because where there was once nothing, suddenly there is something, and space has been pushed back to accommodate it. It may not appear as a literal explosion, yet anything new arising will cause reverberations into life for all of time to come. The question then becomes, is this something we nurture and feed? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: But if you thought that was bizarre, this is really bizarre. This is the sleep dream. The first part of it, that I don’t say much about, that this shifts into it as a component then vision reflection is that I can’t get components to come together. And just as I’m about ready to give up, something more happens. And that’s this vision kind of dream. 

In this dream, I’m stepping back from a hen that is bringing some chicks into life. There’s something wrong with the scenario. What is going on will either explode, or it will work out. I don’t know which, but it looks like it’s ready to explode, so I step back. 

The hen of one of the chicks, first of all I didn’t even see the chick yet, so it’s like whether it’s the egg ready to explode, or whatever it is, but it seems like the hen is going to explode. And then I blink, and then the result is something has happened that hasn’t killed the chick. 

And this was only with one of them, the other seemed to be okay. And, to my surprise, I see two healthy chicks running around under the care of the mother hen – who is managing things with ease. 

Someone says, maybe she should be given more chicks to raise. My comment is, let’s see how this goes for now because it just came out of what could have exploded. And then all of a sudden something anew is there.

A coming alive process has a tenuousness about it. I do not know what to expect. Whether it’s a rebirth that has a naturalness about it, that is a delight to see – I just don’t know. But what I end up seeing is it looks like it has it, it looks good. And it may even be more than what one could have imagined. Time will tell. 

So what is going on is a transformation is needed in order to shift the current focus of things. That is what the meditation dream portrays. And the sleep dream brings this effect into a more natural free flow, and aliveness, that is such a pleasure to see that I can’t help but wonder if this is the beginning to much more.

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