An Absorptive Quality

We know that light and sound, when they propagate, will be absorbed by some surfaces and bounce off other surfaces. When frequencies are absorbed, the effect will lessen. When frequencies bounce off a surface, they become additive to the environment. Humans are just the same: depending on how we are in ourselves, energetically, we may be a hard surface or a soft surface. When we are a hard surface, energy will bounce off of us and keep reverberating around the room, which can build into stronger negative energies. When we are more absorptive, energies can be safely expended with fewer negative effects. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in this dream, I seem to have gone down to a building, it’s kind of a one-level building that’s like a community center and a church, and people are meeting there. I meet with them, kind of like a social gathering. 

And then I’ve gone into the adjoining room where there’s a small kitchen, and, at one point, when I’m in there alone, somebody locks the door and turns on the gas and throws a match in the room. It makes a small explosion, maybe that only I hear, but somehow I’m able to block it from doing any damage. 

But then I leave the room, and I go back to where everybody’s visiting, kind of in a circle on the other side. And I interrupt them, and I say, I know you guys are kind of enjoying yourself and all that, but I do think that you have a problem because somebody just locked me in there and tried to kill me! And set the building on fire. And they kind of almost look at me in disbelief. 

Meanwhile, I think because I have this sore throat, I decided I have to go down to the drugstore and get a prescription. So it’s like I am looking around for the information that I need for that, and then I’m going to leave.

John: It’s a strange situation that seems to have an outer accentuation, like with the condition you’re in now with a sore throat and all of that, in order to bring you to a recognition that in order to incarnate a type of stillness, a type of letting go, a type of quietness – I had to build to it with three or four dreams to get to what you’re describing in a fell swoop.

It seems like it’s an innocuous process. It falls in the area of a stillness, but it’s a stillness that’s described as witnessing, which is the ability to hold a space without reaction, without there having to be a feeling this way, or that, about something. 

Now, in the outer, when you go into the outer, you’re trying to communicate a feeling; when you go out to where others are at you’re trying to communicate a feeling. But when you’re on the other side, you recognize the importance of stillness – as a witnessing. 

So putting it into practice, what that involves is, when you’re observing something in the outer, which is all reflective anyway, you’ll notice that people have values, they have orientations, they have feelings that they turn to. And if you look at those values and feelings closely, they define that person. So a person who is communicating how they really feel about this, and that, and the other is talking about themselves. 

And a stillness that transcends that place, blows that up, so to speak, as a reverb energy is the process of being able to hold the empty space, or a stillness, to where someone else can mirror back to themselves what they need to see. They can’t mirror back to themselves what they need to see, under ordinary collective outer conditions, because they are too busy being involved, engaged, swept up by their feelings of how to relate this way and that way, which keeps them in a personal mode. 

And that the idea of feeling something is a contrivance, it’s a contrivance that shows and portrays a personal level yet of bifurcation. The process of witnessing is such a stillness that in a world in which you have feeling energy, and opinions, definitions, identities predominating, and those predominations have to do with a certain movement of thought, a thought that correlates to feeling. You’re reinforcing a personal and don’t even realize you’re doing it. I mean you might be getting sharper and sharper in your understanding about it, or so it seems, but it still is an identity and it’s personal. And that identity has limitations in terms of how it is able to encompass the wholeness and the overallness. 

But when you’re able to truly witness and hit the point of a stillness, you can actually develop an absorptive quality that causes someone else, as they are acting, to be able to have insights, as if those insights they are finding within their schematic that they are functioning from, which has a feeling mode, an identity mode, a certain kind of way that they stroke themselves mode that is predominating. And that you can take and cause them to shift, to something more, simply by holding something that causes an inflective mirror.

So this is a strange effect that’s come over you in order for you to maybe stop and see that an aspect of an understanding, that you already seem to have somewhere but don’t have it brought through completely, so that you bring it through; to help you see the importance of bringing it through.

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