A Coherence

In a social gathering we all know that sometimes there are moments where speaking is important, and other times where listening is what is needed. Our relationship with the energies in the environment around us can be seen in the same way: at times we actively move the energy, through our own intentions and generation, and at other times we serve best by absorbing the energy at play, diffusing it, and thereby make room for something else to occur. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my sleeping dream, I’m trying to facilitate a change. I have been looking and looking as if I can figure out a way to effectuate a process where things come together, or fit, from the way the current state of things is. 

The reason I try to do this is because it enables an energetic to come through. And this energetic is necessary so that something coherent, a coherence, is possible. I am told that hearing, the aspect of hearing, which is actually a type of stillness, which in the dream is represented by a battery, an onion, which involves, symbolically speaking, a letting go of conditioning and the accessing to a compassionately soft heart, which is, again, a stillness where you’re not holding on to herself. And a tomato, which has to do with inner sight, is what is needed for this shift to occur. 

So I come to recognize, from this dream, that this is too much to ask for. By too much, even though I think this should be possible, this involves having to incorporate three levels of inner within-ness simultaneously. And then I note that that is expecting too much; I need to work with a type of hearing, any more is too much. So in the dream, I see myself starting there, letting the other go, and I’m putting a new battery into a type of recorder. 

Meaning, I have been trying to get people to let go of their set mannerisms and to look at things from a different perspective energetically. That is expecting too much. Instead, I should focus my attention upon helping them hear – and this involves mirroring. And what leads to a mirroring is a practice called witnessing. 

This practice involves holding an empty space, without flickering this way or that, to some flow of energy. The empty space absorbs the projection that is coming across. And, when the projection is absorbed, the person can see themselves anew. Until they’re able to see themselves anew they can’t let go of how they are, or see themselves, or be, in kind of a new state, or a shifted state, in which these other two levels are important, in a given moment, to facilitate that shift. 

And these other two levels, then, are actual sight, really seeing what’s going on. And being able to let go as you hear yourself. Otherwise, what is going on is too much, and when the effect is too much… In other words, you’ve got to start with the ability to see what is really going on, which is a witnessing. When the effect is too much a collateral damage occurs as a protection from having to take on more than what you’re ready for. In other words, you default to patterns that you’re more comfortable with, which are defense mechanisms. And that I need to be attentive to what can be absorbed, heard, and seen for myself. But for others, how can they see, and how can they hear, if they have all this racket going on? So something has to happen that enables that to be absolved, which is a type of witnessing that absorbs. 

So, in this dream, the process starts with the absorptive, and this involves witnessing within a still place. Scenario: the practice was called witnessing, and this worked best when I remained still, and, in doing so, was a mirroring of a person’s projected, misaligned bifurcation from the stillness.

The practice of feeling is a setup. The practice in which the person doing the feeling is taking a waywardness into their way of self-reinforcing an identity. So it’s almost as if feeling is a contrivance. It’s a contivace that we all take on, the idea that we feel this and feel that. And witnessing, and a stillness, and a quality of letting go has to be set up so the person can mirror back to themselves. 

That’s what makes something shift. It doesn’t shift in terms of the aspects of this versus that. I mean, you can develop a greater vibrancy and understanding of things, but it doesn’t shift. It gets closer to shifting, and it appears to get closer to shifting because as something gets quickened, the impulses hit. But if you can hold those impulses back, if you really can take those impulses into a deeper level, that can create the mirroring. Otherwise you have to act it out. 

And you then ride that energetic and come to know that all energetics, all vibrations, are going around and around making up what is matter, this world.

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