Change Due

When we see a character in our dreams we usually know all sorts of information about them, even though we’ve only caught a glimpse. And even when they don’t look like a person we know, sometimes we “sense” that they represent that person. In this dream, we have people from a different country, and yet they still are an aspect of the dreamer – a seemingly foreign entity, but one that is ready to move on ahead while the dreamer seems surprised that anyone is moving at all. This is how our inner lives cope differently with the unfolding of outer events. It is up to us to help all these characters get on the same page. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Okay, I’ll try to talk here. In one dream, I’ve been staying in a house in the country with other people. I know my sister’s there, and a little dog that we had as children. There are a couple guys there, I think are from Germany, they’re hanging out together. And then other people.

We go on an excursion one day. While we’re on the excursion, I’ve taken a bag that belongs to the two guys from Germany because it had something in it that I wanted to borrow. Then when we all go back to the house, I realize that everybody’s clearing out the house. The guys haven’t come back with me, and I don’t know if they’ve gone on ahead. 

Now they’re gonna realize they don’t have their bag, plus the dog seems to be looking for some treats that it’s missing. And I hadn’t realized everybody was packing up and leaving that day, so I’m feeling kind of bad that I have their bag because my thought is to just leave it at the house so they’ll come back and get it. But maybe everybody’s leaving. So that was the first dream.

John: That’s kind of a good summation of the state of things as it exists in the outer, right now, that things are going this way, and things are going that way. And yet, at the same time, change is afoot. And so there’s hardly anything that can be rescued, or pulled out, from such conditions. 

The foreign part of yourself, the Germans, so to speak, a mentality of nature that has a certain adamancy to probe out, you’re not going to change that. And when it comes to realize, and recognize, that it’s missing something, because it will have probed out to such a degree in it’s way of trying to find an orientation, when it cycles back it’s going to find that nothing exists. That there isn’t a way to come back to a flow that is meaningful, because everything is subject to a shift, or a change. 

And while it’s out wandering about that change is afoot. So, on a deeper level, what this means is that you are feeling, inside of yourself, that the world you are living in is going through a process in which the appearances, as they exist, are not what is going to be in terms of what is designed, in terms of an orientation, that is waking up. 

But it’s as if you have one part of yourself in one orientation, meaning in the outer I guess you would say, and another part recognizing that something in the outer is going to be shifting and changing radically in some way. And that this leaves you with the concern, or the energetic, of wanting to close this gap, to establish a recognition that pulls this together. 

The deeper subject of this, that you’re not quite zooming in on in terms of looking even deeper, is that there is an expansiveness, and there is an contractiveness, and that there is a quality of the heart can take the expansiveness and demystify that expansiveness that throws one this way or that way. 

And, simultaneously, demystify what it is that you’re attempting to retain in a contractiveness. And, when you do that, you’ll find that there’s nothing going on. In the meantime, you have some echo in the heart that you can’t rectify, that has you denoting these, so to speak, components, this unfoldment, something as a type of, well, I guess you’d just say it’s a type of unfoldment that you’re not familiar with, but sense, somehow, inside.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Change Due

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