Burst the Bubble

If we see everything as having two opposing sides to it, there will be no peace, in ourselves or in the world, because how do we ever reconcile opposites? We may find infinite gradations, or areas, for compromise, but nothing is truly settled in this way, only shelved to another point in the future. Yet if we elevate our view to the point where the opposites disappear into the wholeness of life, then we have a basis to proceed in harmony. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The nuance is described differently in my dream. The nuances, they’re described as things on an extreme. In other words, when you get into a reflective and you’re in a plane of manifestation, and you have the orientation of polarity, the polarity creates the sensation of things that go to expansiveness or contraction, that go to extremes.

Within a polarity or a universe in which there is the deemed polarity of vibrations, there’s a tug of war that appears to exist from such identifications. And this tug of war plays itself out on man, just like he is an aspect of the cosmos, where it is all kind of bled in. 

As long as man tends to see himself in a distinguishable sense, then he only can catch up with, and is only noting, a micro effect to which he is in a state of bewilderment, to which he can’t do much because in the macro sense, it’s all-pervasive as well, in the same way. 

So if he can’t take and get himself out of his micro condition, he’s not going to be able to do anything in a macro. Now what’s really interesting is, deep down, we have a sense that if you break this bubble, you break through to the macro. Or, in other words, you step into something so, so, so much more, and that one is trapped in kind of a bubble. 

And the bubble has these extreme parameters where you can have a certain wildness that’s really extroverted, and adamant about trying to do something – that’s the expansive side. On the contractive side you have the attempt to try to hold on or maintain some sort of status quo. And in the attempt to maintain some sort of status quo, you have a whole bunch of identification, too. And those two can be looked at as extremes to each other. If you can break the extreme, there’s nothing going on. And that’s like popping the bubble. 

And that is what can redeem a confusion that exists such that it relieves everything in an outer to inner sense, as well as an inner to outer. So you could say that that, too, is kind of like a scenario to show that we have to be able to channel ourselves in a way that is in keeping with a greater overallness, and not having to be caught up and lost in our own specific modality. 

So the meditation dream starts out in which I’m aware that the time has come for me to take two extremes in life and break through the mannerism barrier of each. In other words, it’s like popping this, you pop this, then there’s nothing there. In the extremes you can go on and on, throwing this on this side, and that on that side, and there’s never any answer. 

So the sense is, I’m out of time to keep the game up of relating or reacting this way or that. I have come to realize that everything in manifestation is one side or the other, and it is important to demystify each extreme, basically transcend or go beyond it. It exists because of the personal identifications, but you take out the personal identifications as part of a greater overall, and then it’s a greater overall that’s vibrationally accentuated because of the magnetism of things, and you actually break the barriers of the magnetism that causes you to having to function in a particular trance way. 

The idea is to bring everything to its essence of acceptance, from nuances that keep reflections in either an expansiveness that is outrageous, or as a contraction that is a lie we tell ourselves; kind of a trance spell. And, of course, they go back and forth like that. 

And so these extremes reflectively must let go to an underlying essence, therein, that is at peace with itself. Only in this way is it possible to break the spell that has things, and myself, bound to the external plane of reflective existence – as if that’s how we’re working something out in order to realize that it is an illusion.

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