Internal Regulation

It seems to be a limiting factor that runs through many internal processes: fear of flying. We all have aspects within us that we know as capable of great things, while we have other aspects that are more timid, or fearful. We try to balance these inner aspects in a way that doesn’t crush our high-flying spirit, yet also doesn’t embarrass or freak-out our inner skeptic. This is another place for us to develop conscious awareness of ourselves because we don’t want to stifle our best parts. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I had quite a few dreams last night, but I just remember a few of them. There were two dreams that were quite similar, very short. 

One of them, it’s like I’m traveling across some country at night. And I know it’s hilly country, but in a city, and I kind of go up and down almost like a cliff area at one point, and then I’m in a town. And coming out of the town, I seem to have picked up some people with me, and I’m trying to show them how to get out of the city. 

But I’m limited by the fact that I can get out by flying, but I don’t want to fly in front of anybody else. And it’s either in this dream, because I have another one that’s very similar, or another dream, but it feels like I go into a house. It’s a very beautiful kind of circular house, it’s almost made out of all this artwork, as though it’s a museum – and there’s wood artwork. 

But it’s got double walls, but you can see through some walls. And you see kind of almost like orchids growing between an outer wall. And this house has almost even been like a museum because there’s some beautiful, huge wood sculptures in it. 

And then I’m trying to get the people I’m with to be very quiet and we’ll get out of that house without being noticed. But somebody who’s even a neighbor kind of comes because I’m looking for the door, you can’t get out through the double walls. I finally find a door but then a neighbor seems to be coming to check; she knows the people that own the house are out of town. 

She’s not sure what we’re doing there. I’m trying to talk my way past the neighbor and lead us out of the house. Because at least with a neighbor there I know where the front door is so that we can kind of quietly leave without having disturbed anyone too much; act like we had a right to be there and then just walk out. That was one dream.

John: There is one word that kind of covers what is going on, and covers both of them, because they are like two separate dreams. One provides a basic understanding of a depth inside of oneself, and the other the applicability.

The one word that I was going to hit was noticeability, but noticeability isn’t quite the right word because it involves a latent remembrance. And the reason why I reach to the word noticeability is this latent remembrance has to come out in a kind of time frame that can’t be too fast, and has to be in a flow. 

So, in the first dream, where you’re able to fly, and you’re in a hill and dale kind of country, the key to what is going on there is the remembrance of a quality that cuts through things. And that remembrance goes way, way, way back. It’s kind of a sweet spot of the heart of one’s nature. 

But, in what is coming out, in terms of what is applicable, it can’t be noticeable. And noticeability involves an unfoldment. It’s almost as if it’s unfolding in a type of timeline schematic, internally regulated; it’s like internally regulated. Can’t go too fast, it has to go at a certain pace, it’s going at a certain pace. The sweet spot, or the quality inside, can go at any speed, but it’s not meant to do so in the applicability, in terms of how it comes across, or comes out in the outer. 

On the inner, the sense of it on the inner, is the remembrance of an amazing quality of freedom and flow. But the effect in the outer is a slow, regulated, cautious, breaking loose, or coming through. 

So I guess you might say it’s a dream, as well, about the pace of awakening. And I guess you could even say that it applied in your second dream. It was something that couldn’t be too fast. It had to unfold at a certain pace; couldn’t be too fast.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Internal Regulation

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