Where To?

How can we choose the best route to take if we don’t know where we are going? Sometimes, our dreams will point out to us the fact that we are trying to make things happen in our life, or in the outer world, when we haven’t really thought through in detail what we want the outcome to be. The physical happens after the energy is created (it can be no other way). So, to get somewhere, we need to be specific about generating the energy of the thing we are aiming toward – otherwise obstacles arise that force us to become more clear. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then I have like two more short dreams. And in one of them, again, I seem to be with a group of people that we’re not at home, we’re in the mountains, and we want to travel to where our home will be.

But I start leading the group and, at first, I think it’s going to be easy to get there, but a whole family has joined us that I don’t even know. So now there’s too many people because no one’s going to pick us up and give us a ride. So I tend to think that maybe one of the ways we can get home is by water. 

So we go down to the river, which is a pretty big river. And we start to wade in, but then I see this big rattlesnake come by in the water. And somebody tells me it’s like that time of the year, when it’s warm enough, the rattlesnakes are all going into the water. And I see one of our group who’s even waded in a little ways distance and the snake comes up and even seems to grab her toe, although it doesn’t really bite her. 

It’s just kind of a caution to me, then, that the river’s not the way to go. So then I get everybody together, and I tell them we’re probably going to have to start hiking along a roadway, but we need to split up because, as a big group, we’re not going to get a ride – which means that everybody has to decide where it is they’re going, because we’re not all going to the same place. Like I might be going to Washington, I’m not sure what I decided, but somebody else is going to Washington D.C. And I don’t know where’s the right place for a few of the others. So I kind of tell them, before we start hiking, they have to decide where it is they’re going. And that was that dream.

John: So what this dream is doing is it’s giving you information in terms of why it is, because your dream format is like 1, 2, 3 or something like that, maybe four even, but you haven’t done the last dream to see if it’s a four. But the first step is the recognition that you can flip back to a remembrance, that’s in kind of a sweet spot zone that you can flow at, that in such a dream, you do at ease without much resistance. 

Then, in the second dream, it’s like something cautions the unfoldment – so that it is regulated, so to speak, it doesn’t come just straight away, it has to be handled with care. 

And then the third dream points out, so to speak, kind of the difference between the first and the second has to do with the type of unconsciousness. And that it then provides an answer to that unconsciousness in that you have to have a focus and attention that is clear-cut, in terms of how you hold a spaciality.

In other words, yes, one’s in the maze and in the collective of everything, but, within all of that is a pulling together of incarnate energies to be able to discern, to function, with a succinctness because, as a general collective, and a collective that hasn’t sorted itself out in terms of how it can function as a collective, there needs to be a zooming in, a catching up with the uniqueness of a flow that has a way of unfolding in this direction, or that direction. 

So that quality of zooming in is… in other words, this dream is tending to take the first dream and the second dream and showing you why there is a difference between how, on an innermost level, you have a type of free-flow that, in application, has a sense of regulation about that is the direct consequence, or result, of not having a focus that is able to slice through the collective malaise.

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