Losing a Screw

We can drive for 10 minutes and hardly see our surroundings. We can be in a conversation and have no idea what was said. We are not always fully present, we are not always conscious of what we are doing. When people talk about awakening consciousness, one aspect of it is this: to be present and in the moment, to be aware of what is happening and what we are doing, to be available and in the flow of things. So, being in the flow isn’t a “whatever” state, it is an actively alert state that is sensitive to the movement of energies at a personal level, a local environmental level, and, sometimes at a planetary and a universal level. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my sleep dream, even though I didn’t have the best memory, so to speak, because it was more or less a banging around to get to the meditation aspect of a process that was skewered, the sleep dream drilled down on it. And, again, I almost lost the sleep dream. 

And so, in the next dream, I am shown that things can’t move too fast or there will be collateral damage. Now, what’s interesting is I figured this out before the dream popped in. In the dream, I’m assisting a person who is adjusting something.

In other words, he’s got his screwdriver out, he’s fixing it, he’s the repairman. And there are three kinds of regulator screws that are involved in putting this back together, or fixing it, in some fashion. And one of them he drops, but he is able to find it right away and put things back in place. So it’s okay. 

And then two other screws fall. And my attention is such that I can see where they went flying. And not only do I find each of those screws, but I find this lockdown washer that tightens, too. All of them fly out into the grass. And my attention seems to block really quickly with my eyes, and I’m able to detect where each of them went – because one little deviation and I would have lost it because they’d just become invisible in the grass, ordinarily – they’re just small screws. 

So I pick those up, and it’s about that time that the main guy, and I’m just the assistant, decides it’s time for a break, we’ll come back and finish it. And not much to finish, the bulk of the work has been done. So it’s time to take kind of a break and then just kind of tally the whole thing up. 

So I’m holding these screws in what turns out to be a greasy hand, when all of a sudden, the time comes, I open my hand, and they’re not there. The only consolation I have is that when these screws went flying, I got a really good look at them in terms of remembering. Ordinarily, that’s not the case, ordinarily, I don’t carry that kind of focus. This time I have enough focus, so if I were to go to a hardware store, I would know what screws to get to replace them. 

But that, again, is going to take time. Again, it’s a regulator thing in terms of going at a particular pace. And then in order to help see that, there is a little flash image, like a closing image, in which there are people, it’s like maybe you could say it’s a type of American Idol. And they’re coming out, and they’re receiving their acknowledgement. And then, finally, at the very end, there’s a last batch that comes out. They’re kind of swept in, but they’re in the last batch.

And they don’t say much to this last batch, they’re kind of like accommodated in some fashion, as if they are generic, but they’re recognized for whatever reasons, but nothing that is really specifically identified. 

So that image is thrown into this whole thing. And the meaning of all of that is: I can try as I might, but I am still going to screw up. But, because I try, I have a focus and attention that will keep me on the path, even though the accommodation for me, in this sort of category of things, is of a generic otherness.

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