Lost Property

In the olden days, spiritual journeys were made in cloistered places, or protected spaces. Today, the need and nature of the journey is different. So, is it better to be in the midst of crowded areas, or is it better to still seek refuge from the chaotic swirl of life? This, perhaps, points out that we are all individuals and each journey is unique. On one side, which path is best for supporting us in our journey? We want to honor that urge in us and give it its best opportunity. On the other side, where can we be most useful, in service to the things we believe in? Most likely, the answers to these questions will be different at different points along the way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I’m noticing that I have access to a property in areas I have not taken the time to explore or experience. Instead, what I have done is, for some strange reason, just dismiss such property as not having the action I have come to know, or conceptualize, as being important. 

So, in other words, I’ve dismissed it. So in this dream what is going on is that I am compelled to take a second look at such a state of affairs. It’s as if I’m having to contend with the fact that perhaps I have been, and was, too rash, before, because such properties, even though these properties are larger, like a house and whatnot, would be larger than how it is that I’m living, and thus, would appear to offer more options – that I have recognized, in some part of myself, or regarded, as stifling, or unimportant, to who I am. 

This is like a property, or an area, or an aspect in which for the same monies I have invested, as an example now, for a condominium living that has a convenience, I could turn around and be in a location that is next to water. In other words, water carries a connection to a greater expanse. 

And so the question or the issue is, there are more things going on around me, and so the issue is, is my current scenario more intertwined with what is going on in the world I’m in? Or would going off to one side, in which there is an isolation and a connection to a greater unconscious, and a larger abode – is that something that’s important? Or more important? 

Or you could say this another way, does my condo lifestyle deprive me of the interaction at a certain depth inside of myself, that is based upon isolation? Or does it give me an interaction with those who are already intertwined, as fully as can be with outer life, and, thus, I don’t have to adopt their ways to come to know what they are? Or do I have to try to sort out this or that in such an isolation maze? 

So then, the issue is, if I don’t have to sort out this or that in the isolation maze, what is it that I am able to make out of this other sort of well being that people have taken on for themselves – and I’ve stepped aside from that. 

So what does that say? Does that say that I am denying that, because I’m seeing something about that that doesn’t quite feed me like it seems to feed them? So, is it wrong for me to deny, or to pull off to one side from that? Or to judge that, even? And am I judging that, in some capacity, in terms of how they are? So that’s like a first image.

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