A Greater Identity

It is easy to dismiss things from our lives, and we do so for many reasons: lack of interest, lack of time, outside pressure, etc. But one of the worst offenders is pre-judgment, when we think we know, or understand, something and close ourselves off from further exploration. If we understand that we are constantly changing, and things themselves are constantly changing, we will realize that often we dismiss something because the timing isn’t right, not because the subject has no place in our life. So, it is wise to learn to look anew at the experiences and possibilities that we come across. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: A second image is I also am seeing that I own a lot of land, in other words, as an inclusiveness in an area, but I hadn’t noticed as existing before. I hadn’t noticed that in this area there is property that is part of this estate that I haven’t placed my attention upon, or hadn’t noticed – and I’m now suddenly able to kind of see it for the first time. 

And it’s about 80 acres. And I’m in shock, because I was sure that the property area that I am in, I’ve taken into account everything that exists here. How could there be more, because this property goes right up to the water, and yet, this acreage suddenly has like a peninsula, or a quasi-island or something that has emerged that’s about 80 acres that is in this area – instead of it just being conscious as water?

So, in noticing this, I need to see this for myself because maybe this is property that was ignored by me before because I had come to the conclusion that it wasn’t important, or was inaccessible, or not occupiable. Could I have been wrong? Or is there something more going on? 

So, then, to sum all of this up, in terms of both images, what is going on is, I am looking at these two dream images as an aspect of self-examination to see if I have been selling myself short with conceptions that have veiled me off from aspects of life I have summarily dismissed to be unimportant, or limiting in some capacity, based upon my perceptive conceptualization.

I have come to know of the existence of these areas as being something others are taking in to be important. So the question I have is, is that something I should look at? If not, why not? And the issue is, by ignoring this sort of beingness am I veiling myself from a greater overallness I have inadvertently shut off? And further, has what I have stepped away from resulted in a veiling off a frame of reference important to life, or is it an extraneousness, which is kind of what you might say, I think, sort of contending it to be?

The meaning is, to answer the questions I posed in what is going on, I am reviewing what is important in life in terms of interconnection, and intertwining, keeping in mind that the perspective has to be to a greater outer able to reveal a greater inner.

I do not want to be an insular person cut off from what is important to a greater beingness of the soul. So, in the meditation dream, I am wondering if I am inadvertently taking myself away from a bigger picture, or, you might say, a frame of reference I’m vicariously connected with unbeknownst to myself. And to cut myself off from it, or to dismiss it, am I deceiving myself by not taking this into proper consideration? 

And, in the dream, I’m realizing that one needs to be careful to not cut off aspects of life in a bigger picture. And so the meaning is, the dream is not saying that I have to be this way or that in terms of a possessory identity. In fact, any identity is a problem. Instead, the dream is saying that there is a greater identity in the overallness that I am not appreciating, or catching up with.

And I’m using the word identity even though it’s a stigma-fied word to mean that there is something so, so much more in an overallness, or of a let-go overallness, because it appears that I’m being asked to witness more, and, in doing so, denote a much greater consciousness than I had realized that exists, and this exists in terms of the inner coming into the outer.

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