Safe Space

We’ve all heard about houses having panic rooms, or of people running to the basement during a tornado, but we are mobile creatures and what befalls us doesn’t always happen in our homes. So, where is our safe space then? The only possible answer is inside. And what makes that space safe? We make our inner space safe by determining, consciously, who we are, by choosing the fundamental principles that we will uphold in the face of any challenge, by knowing what is truly important to us. We may be born with these inklings, we may be taught some of them, but until we, ourselves, consciously choose them, we will not even be safe to ourselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Last night dreaming and meditating was all about a connection, like a stillness connection, that was reaching for my attention. In other words, instead of me going into a stillness, the stillness was coming out.

If what is going on in the outer doesn’t have any way of feeding something, or being in a particular way that is meaningful, I can easily drift to this stillness space. In other words, because the stillness has come out, I can easily to go back to it. 

Apparently, I have established a recognition to this part of myself that is not as apparent. It’s not as affected. It’s not as affected in terms of what is going on in the outer. It’s not able to touch me like it normally does because this stillness is able to engulf the outer whims of things. 

Consequently, I have developed a proclivity to drown projected images that waft in between the all-engulfing stillness and the outer magnetism. I can drown them back and forth. I can go back and forth, I can drown them now. Which means I just kind of slip into a deeper stillness, or a letting-go into this state has become more natural for me than it is for the average person who is affected and haunted by outer projections that terrorize an inner aloneness that extends from an all-pervasive wholeness. 

So, in other words, it’s like what flickers, the Bardo stuff that flickers, it’s not like that flickering world is where one sits then and tries to look at that, and tries to go back through that, and finds the stillness behind it. It’s not like that’s in-between anymore. It’s like coming out of the stillness, going into that, and then from that into the waking world, now.

In other words, the process has become reversed. It’s not finding a remembrance, it’s coming from a remembrance into the flickering of things. The whole process is getting reversed, it’s like it’s tipped. It’s gone over the threshold, or something. 

And so, as a consequence, I can actually say things about things. But nobody really understands it because, when I say things about things – I can see this happening now – I can say things about things, but when I say things about things, deep down, where I’m at, has a slant to the other side. As opposed to saying things now that has a slant towards that side. Now it’s from the other side. That’s different.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Safe Space

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