Little Pieces

It’s generally accepted that the best way to tackle big challenges is to break them into their smaller elements and work through them. This is a strategy that helps keep us from being overwhelmed. But is it a good strategy for our spiritual life? Perhaps it is the bringing together of all our inner aspects, into a oneness, that will allow us to be and to do in a more holistic way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember a dream that I was struggling a lot in, and in this dream it’s like I’d been captured along with somebody else by some kind of an evil doctor,

Something that was embedded in the chest of the person I was with, at first I thought it was you, but then it might have been a woman, but in the heart it’s like there were little pieces that were embedded in the chest, one of which represented a baby, but the pieces had come apart and some of them were either lost, or broken. And in order to escape from this doctor’s house we had to figure out how to put it together and to get out of there. And if we put it together and didn’t get out of there, it’s like he would take it.

But I waited till everybody was asleep, including him, and it felt like I grabbed some blankets or something and tied him up and then was able to open the doors, the daylight came, and get friends of ours to come in. But then we had to figure out how to put together the little pieces of the puzzle that made up like the heart that represented a baby. 

And not all the pieces were there, some were broken, and I was trying to get them to take maybe something out of a replica one that somebody had to figure out how the puzzle came together and make it whole before we could leave. And so I was just struggling to do this; it was just really frustrating.

John: The dream carries a parity on two levels. The one level is in terms of how it is that one functions so that everything in the world pulls together, in terms of how you see things and how you are able to move about.

And then the second part indicates that it’s more than just a clarity, or a sight, about something, it’s also about causing a greater spaciality. And to find a greater spaciality is dependent upon taking qualities that are embraced, in which everything is embraced, making that natural. In other words, the heart being broken into these little pieces that are all scattered this way and that way means that there is a loudness of association and identification that is getting in the way of a greater capacity that needs to be in the equation.

And so you’re playing with this dynamic of trying to find the rhythm upon which this comes together as a kind of functional cohesiveness. It’s kind of like you’re portraying finding yourself actually doing something vibrationally that, on a dense level, is a problem for people. 

It’s a problem in that everyone gets themselves having to try and create, or cause, to happen something that is distinct and clear cut. And when something gets distinct and clear cut, then it shuts off a certain way of there being a kind of free flow.

And that’s what you were looking at: how to not have a clear-cut formula of nature because you see that within the matter of things is something that, in order to go into the matter of things, you have to be able to let go to a greater capacity, or overall beingness, or otherwise there’s all these pieces that have to continuously be dealt with, which is how it is when you’re functioning with your mind and your senses in terms of the perception of the world around you as being what you see, is what you get.

And it’s interesting that you do it with the heart because the heart is the one thing that incorporates and takes in everything, and when there is identification, when there is a need to try to make something black-and-white. In other words, the quality, I guess a way to put this, is the quality of being able to identify things within the heart, and to sort that out, instead of it being a million pieces is the same note of being able to touch matter, or others.

In other words, the feeling that you have in the heart pulls together the variables and makes everything okay – without having to understand what the variables are, you can feel the higher octave of things. 

In your mind you are trying to create this tranquility, or balance, by way of seeing where this needs to be, and that needs to be, that takes you away from the feeling that’s needed in order to go into the essence of yourself in everything that is around you. 

If everything is distinct and you have to contend with it, and struggle with it, then what you end up having is a sense – when you’re starting to recognize the greater meaningfulness of the heart – you’re having the sense that your heart’s in all of these different pieces, or all of that has to be somehow or another put back together in order for the dense perspective to be able to pull off its dense perspective.

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Flowing Through

In our curiosity we tend to see something new and then want to take it apart and see how it works (this is more an aspect of the masculine energetic). It’s an effort to name something, and, in the naming, to believe we know it. But the process of naming something also becomes its limiting factor. In a certain way, for us to better understand something in its fullness, letting it flow through us, and letting all of our different faculties experience it, without a label, enables an unconscious knowing to then rise into our consciousness later. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I’m drawn to a place inside that I can see within my mind’s eye. I don’t know why I find this interesting, other than the fact that I somehow know that this is a place that’s going to be quaint, and there’s a curiosity to it in its stillness, or something, or in its quaintness. 

So as I seem to come closer to this place, to see why I’m drawn to it, rising up within is a vibration where I can see that, in an invisible sort of way, what started as a kind of innocent enough allure has a magnetic quality for a reason I can’t put my finger upon other than I feel the allure to this. 

And this allure results in a $30 million silent effect upon the place. I say silent in that it is a vibratory effect that isn’t visible, per se. It’s an energetic and, because it’s invisible and it’s an energetic, there is no putting a personal finger upon it, per se, because it has more to do with the capacity of something exuding out in an unseen and unforeseen way. 

At no time can I say what this is, per se, because it’s flowing through me, except that it’s an invisible thread that is not associated with anything that I know about this place other than I feel a curiosity, interest, intrigue, in a quaint way, and is an effect that seems to be a naturalness there. And then there is something from this capacity, and it’s like an intangible response or reply, and the effect of that is 28 million. 

So what is going on is, I believe that from the capacity of the heart it is possible to embrace a greater beingness in the spaciality. Greater beingness meaning like something that you don’t put your finger on as having an intangibleness that is just readily apparent. To the degree matter and the environment are involved in a subtle way of denoting that a flow of energy has a barely visible identity footprint. In other words, to the degree that you suddenly denote that, then, from this barely visible identity footprint that isn’t specifically denoted – it’s a barely visible identity footprint because of the seven, in other words, 35 minus 28. That’s the portion of the energy that comes through that creates lack of visibility – otherwise there wouldn’t be. That’s the dense part yet. 

So that’s why I say it’s a barely visible identity footprint. It’s not defined per se, other than it has something to do with something existing to flow through. And then what rises from that flowing through, as a response back, is also in a capacity in the wholeness intertwined with a spaciality that cannot be sorted out, nor can you put your finger upon it, in a personal-nuanced way anymore. That’s the 28. 

If this were something I was compelled to denote, in terms of the denseness of an effect, this would denote a demeanor of consciousness causing a sight and sound to predominate on a personal level of ego separation. In other words, I’m describing what it would look like if you step back and it was all something that got pulled into the plane of it making sense in terms of our separate sight and sound. 

But, in this meditation dream, that isn’t what is happening, because I am instead embracing a feeling capacity, which is an energetic that exudes through me, and nothing more. It’s left at that. Therefore, there’s no sight or sound, there’s no ego to that, there’s no personal way that can be associated with that to me.

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A Greater Capacity

Often we separate out our regular life from our spiritual life, or have a disconnect between our higher self and our lower self. In this dream we have an aspect of the dreamer in the mountains, while another aspect of the dreamer is in the world, offering service. What our journey can make possible is that the part of us that is always in the clean, quiet mountains, our higher self, is always influencing what the part of us is doing that is engaged with worldly things. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just have some impressions from my deeper dream. One of them was in the dream I had something on my right shoulder that I reached back to scratch, and then I actually found something embedded and pulled it out.

The only reason I knew it was a dream, and not real, was it’s an area of my shoulder I actually can’t reach; it felt so real.

John: That came up in a dream that I shared in the group in terms of an effect. I shared this and I said what’s happening is, in my dream, I saw all these kinds of spots or something on my back. And they were okay, I was okay with them, except for one that had somehow another erupted; by erupting meant put deeper roots down inside, and that that was something that couldn’t be handled casually – that was something that had to be dug out.

And so I had to go to an expert to dig that out. And, in the dream, the expert was Ethel Kennedy. And so then I reached around and I touched the spot where it was on the back, and she pointed out: that’s the spot where you hit the heart indirectly.

Jeane: That was the part where I was digging out something, too. And then it was almost like a waking dream because my sleep dream I couldn’t remember. And in the waking dream it’s like we’d gone to India, but you’d gone into the mountains, and I was left in the city, so I was a little sad about our separation.

But then I had to figure out what to do in the city, and so I was going to go to the school and maybe try to teach some of the Tai Chi, or Qi Gong, or see if they needed help with the English, but I had to try to figure out what to do while you were in the mountains. And that’s all I remembered – everything else was too deep.

John: So you’re trying to figure out what to do while I was in the mountains. What you’re talking about is first there’s the recognition that a capacity that comes from a heartfulness, a heartfulness that is able to take in all that is happening from any kind of mindfulness, or sight, even, the heartfulness has to be there.

And that has to be dealt with in a way that isn’t readily apparent, but still permeates through everything. And so that was the meaning behind an Ethel Kennedy: that which was visible in the outer has a hidden effect. And then, in your dream, you take and you create the pattern parallel, again, and you point out that there is this aspect that has to be dug out to create a greater capacity, of a heartfulness, from a way that one is currently.

That’s kind of okay, so to speak, but still has this one thing that’s like a plague, a barrier, to the heartfulness, to a quality of a capacity. Then you flip it to what that means in terms of, again, a greater beingness. 

And so something stays above, which is me in the mountains, you go into a whole other way of coming out, or so it seems, you put the two together and it’s kind of functioning in a void. Your sense of going to India without the capacity of another aspect of yourself, a quality that is me we’ll say, that lies somewhere else, is the image of being able to do something in life that isn’t readily apparent.

That doing of something into life is an effect of a vibration that mirrors itself into things without being readily seen, without being readily identified, as the doer. It’s a connection to something that flows through you. And then what rises up, that is so much more, is the consequence that causes something to shift. It’s the degree to which something coming from inner into outer comes across.

Well, in your dream, you don’t quite pull it out like that. In your dream you still have the part that’s above, as an innerness, as a connectivity connection as an innerness, and then you have the action that you’re doing that is a type of action that doesn’t, for all intents and purposes, seem to have anything to do with your usual day-to-day.

But, at a depth deeper within, is something kind of there that emanates, through a feeling quality, to something more. And what emerges from all of that makes sense in a greater capacity. 

And all of that opens the heart, but opens the heart that needs to be opened in a way that has to do with a greater capacity – as opposed to a distinct way that is recognized. What that means is, this way of being, in the cohesion of the energetic, causes an absorptive process to occur; a sweeping in, sweeping up kind of effect.

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