The Balance

How do we find our balance when we get thrown off by people and events? Usually we choose something that soothes us: we may cook some comfort food, we may call a certain friend, we may sleep more, we may exercise, or meditate, or knit, or read. We may view such activities as “things we like to do,” but they are also among our strategies for coping with shifts and changes in our life environment and its flow. If we are consciously aware of this, we then can realize that we are trying to process something, energetically, and that knowledge increases the capability, and the speed, with which we regain our equilibrium. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in this last dream I was in I’m living in some kind of an apartment house. I think my sister and somebody else is visiting near there. And we start to go out to the car, and then I realize they want me to ride out to the airport with them, and that it’s going to make sense because I do have to come back. But you’ve already gone into the apartment, like you’ve gone back in like you’re staying there, and I’m riding out to the airport with one of them and then I’m coming back.

Well, then I realize that I left my purse in the apartment, and somebody hops out of there and says, no, no, here’s the purse, but it’s another purse, it’s not the purse I need. But I take that purse, plus I take my sister’s purse for some reason, and I go towards the apartment. And first somebody comes by me and they push some button and go in.

I go over to the door, which is an entrance door, and I realize, because I don’t have my purse, I don’t have my key. Then I realize that because my sister is staying with me and I had grabbed her purse, too; she’ll have a key. And, sure enough, I open up the pocket in her purse and find a key. 

And after I get in through the door there’s another button I’m supposed to push, that rings maybe an elevator, or something. I can’t figure out which button it is because it’s all kind of confusing what I’m looking at. But I’ve just seen somebody else do it, but I still can’t find the right button.

But somebody comes up behind me and they seem to know where the button is; they show me. So then I get in, and I go up. I’m not walking down my usual corridor because somebody had ridden up with me. Then I go over to the right, past this blue furniture, I go over to the apartment where it would be my apartment, now I’m suddenly kind of worried about if you’re there, will you be there alone? Or will you have gone somewhere else all of a sudden?

So I’m just getting ready to go in the apartment and then the alarm rings and it startles me out of this space, in a way; disorients me.

John: Well, I would say, as a scenario, that we’re both reacting in different ways as something has broken the general, overall mannerism, or motif, in which we’re accustomed to functioning. 

We each have our own way of facing an identity crisis. In your particular case, this is one that has to do with a spaciality of balance that leads to memory problems, in that your key, or sense of attunement, has been disrupted and disturbed, kind of shattered or something by the imbalance, an imbalance that permeates.

And it has affected by a sense of tranquility, or balance, or harmoniousness as a general overall expression of self, it has affected that such that it has made you herky-jerky, in terms of your spaciality, in terms of your sense of balance, in relationship to your environment and in terms of how you’re able to function in terms of the ordinary day-to-day. When one is affected like this, what gets lost is their connection to an auric stillness that is able to be okay within the schematic of a greater outer, that’s able to kind of flow with that. 

See, the nature of a human being is, a human being tends to do practices and tends to do orientations and whatnot in order to try to get to a sense of self that is inclusive, and is able to let go, in terms of a greater overall. And that a person who is in balance doesn’t need to do any practices, or be rescued, or redeemed, or whatever. 

And when you’re in balance, you’re in sync. And when you’re in sync, you’re in flow, and when you’re in flow you properly mirror or inflect what needs to be inflected, and reflected, and you don’t have a spatial disorientation, or scattered nature, to have to contend with. 

So you’re experiencing this sort of thing, as a dream, in order to acknowledge and recognize that you have to hold a certain kind of witnessed balance within the schematic of a greater overallness – in terms of your sense of spaciality – that can be disrupted, or destroyed, or fractured by the consequences of things in the environment that infect you in a way that breaks you from how it is that you’re meant to be.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: The Balance

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