Picking Up the Vibes

If we enter a new environment we may get an instant read of the “vibes” of the space. But people are environments, too, and when we are around a person who has a different vibration than we do, we will either rebalance them toward our frequency, or they can shift us toward their frequency. Sometimes that’s fine, and sometimes it’s not. A nervous person can make us feel nervous, an unhappy person can make us feel unhappy. On the other hand, a grounded and calm person can settle us when we are out of balance. The point is to understand the difference between what is us – created and generated by us, energetically – and what is affecting us from our environment. This awareness helps us to better process the energies, either way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now I would have thought after a meditation dream I’d be done with this, but, no, the sleep dream is very, very similar to the dream you slept except I do it in the opposite, instead of you doing it as a spaciality, I have my timing – about as haywire as haywire can get.

I dream that I am not being taken to the airport until 15 minutes before the flight leaves. The environment I’m in is all speeded up or askew. In other words, timing is haywire, and I’m unable to get it to come out of this. I haven’t even packed yet. 

I plan on just throwing things in my bag, unfolded and all, which will take me maybe five minutes or something. And I try to tell someone who realizes this whole thing looks haywire that it’ll have to sort itself out. And Rav is there, too, watching me carry on like this. 

And you, I can’t get your attention. And you act like, oh, you don’t have to get there… 15 minutes is plenty of time. And I’ve never heard you act like this before. You know, usually you have to be there for two hours, and now, all of a sudden, 15 minutes is plenty of time. And you just walk away and go upstairs, in this house, ignoring my concern. 

So I say, when I used to do this professionally, which means I used to always catch planes right in the last 30 seconds, and sometimes they’d even open the door again for me – I had it down to such a timing – and I just imposed this over and over again. It’s amazing how I never goofed up, I always was able to get this to work, which meant 15 minutes would have been enough time, because, if necessary, if I miscalculated, I could always run. 

So I comment about when I used to do this professionally it could work like this, but the game has changed. They shut everything off 30 minutes before the plane leaves, so if you’re not there  30 minutes before the plane leaves, you’re already whipped. And so I can’t get anybody’s attention. I can’t get your attention. Like I say you’ve walked upstairs and so I start screaming about how you want me to miss the flight. 

And so the scenario is, I am still in a delirious state caused by Rav’s behavior that I absorbed – his vibe is still affecting me. So what is going on? The demeanor I am experiencing has triggered a dream in which I am torturing and plaguing myself because I am warped out of my sense of overall balance, balance in a timing way, and infected by projections that aren’t who I am meant to be, ordinarily.

Meaning: this dream takes a lack of stillness of self, on an inner level, to an extreme in the opposite direction in relationship to how outer projections have hit me, and I’ve gone into them. To demonstrate the degree I plagued myself with such anxieties and mannerisms that are outside of the holding onto the maintaining of a witnessing and an auric place in the greater overall wholeness. 

To go off like this destroys my spatial senses, but, in this case, more than anything else what was really off was my timing. Of course, if timing goes off, spatial goes off as well, shuts off a light in my being, shatters my auric presence, and affects the surrounding environment with my confusion. Bottom line, there is no letting go or mirroring to a greater inner overall beingness when I am like this.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Picking Up the Vibes

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