Subtle Agitation

Everything either absorbs, or it radiates. A planet absorbs, and a sun radiates. A cloud collects moisture, or it rains. We are either allowing energies to come from outside us – and then affect us on an inner level – or we are generating in ourselves, and, therefore, radiating from inner into outer. In one instance we are passively accepting what is occurring, in the other, we are actively controlling the energies we process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: What I learned earlier, in a prior dream, was that my way of looking at things is switching a bit so that I’m coming to see the significance of the inner over that of the outer, as opposed to looking at the outer and having to figure out what is going on the inner level. 

So, as a consequence of looking at how the inner influences the outer, if the inner doesn’t influence the outer, if you don’t hit the higher octave of the inner coming into the outer, you can have the lower octave of the outer affecting the inner. 

And the way this works is the human being, being a microcosm of the macrocosm, as they become more and more sensitive they develop traits, within, that should enable them to work with the whole of things in a better way. In other words, in a more of a witness way, in a way that mirrors something vibrationally. 

And so to mirror something vibrationally means that how you are, without having to say anything, causes things in the environment to see themselves in a particular way that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. And, thus, this is bringing inner into outer as a kind of quality of a stillness development from within. 

However, the denser perspective of this is, if you’re not doing it, and you should be doing it, or need to realize that you need to do this, the denser aspect of this is that as you become more sensitive, as you go into the stillness space more, you are subtly agitating, on the physical level, because of the way you’re changing, and speeding up, and coming to be, you’re agitating on the physical level. And it’s most directly reflected by things like stomach acid, burning the trachea. 

And so there are ways to handle that, so to speak, in a bandaged way. You can take and you can be careful what you eat. And also you can mitigate this through movement, through yoga and stuff. However, the reason why this works is because when you hit in a state of stillness, one of the aspects that is disturbed is you become more acidic or something. And if you have motion, and/or eat more properly, you offset that.

However, that’s not the solution, really, that’s kind of a bandage to that sort of condition. The solution to the condition is, instead of it having to be experienced in this dense way, you learn to settle back into the stillness that you have accessed, carrying the inner into the outer through a witness way of being. 

By that I mean you hold a, again it’s a type of spaciality, it’s kind of specialized from the standpoint that it’s not about something in particular that you need to make important or something, you hold this space and when you hold the space – and that space is one in which something functions through the empty space – and what functions through may not be something that does anything as far as you know, at that time, but it mirrors, and the degree to which it mirrors and touches is the taking of the kind of acidity, that is within, and transforms it into this higher octave on the outer.

Isn’t that interesting? In other words, this whole thing where one takes and becomes more sensitive, and has to be more careful in terms of what they eat, maybe they have to exercise and all of that sort of stuff. You can do all of that sort of stuff in terms of maintaining a status quo in terms of how they are in the outer. But if you’ve gotten to the point where it’s kind of determined in terms of your evolution that you need to take another step, or you’re blameworthy in terms of how it is that you are conducting yourself, that you need to be able to touch your outer revelationally, from inner to outer revelationally – and revelationally means through witnessing, holding a space that causes a mirroring. 

If you don’t do that, or if you continue to struggle as if you are trying to make the headway in an outer motif way, then what rises up, almost as an outer rising up to an inner, what awakens and rises up is instead of there being a subtle naturalness, you create a reactivity. And, on the physical level, this is experienced as like the stomach acid. 

The reason why all these things are bandages, including the pills, because the pills get on top of pills, is that as you become more refined, there’s no way because this body is made to be able to somehow or another take in energy, a vibration, that is coming from inner into the outer – it’s meant to integrate, meant to pull the two together. They’re meant to work together. If you know how to mirror, through witnessing, you are now taking the energy down properly, in a more invisible way, rather than in this dense aspected way.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Subtle Agitation

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