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We can consider the idea of being conscious, or of having greater awareness, as establishing new patterns of thought. For example, instead of just saying to ourselves: oh, that always makes me angry, we can ask further, why does that always upset me? Where or when did that start in my life? If we take nothing we do for granted, and instead question why we do things, and ask ourselves if we still want to do this or that thing, we can effect positive change in our lives by steering the energetic processes we go through to our best, and chosen, outcome. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only remember the one dream because it woke me up, and it was hard to hold on to because, again, it was working with energy. 

And, in the dream, there seems to be some sort of situation which is getting out of control. It involves somewhat younger people, and you’re somewhere in the background observing, as are others who seem more in charge. 

And then I suddenly step in and I start arranging things in a certain design. And I have, it’s almost like I’ve taken a situation, and I put it into a box, but they aren’t square because one  corner is round, one side is round. And some are, I think, three sides are straight lines and the other side is round. 

I’ve taken these configurations and I put them in a certain pattern. And the pattern reflects the colors of the Italian flag, like they’re white, and green, and yellow and red, with maybe some black lines, and then I’ve taken this and I’ve arranged it into a certain pattern. And when I get that pattern in place, the situation calms down. 

Before I do it, it’s almost like I had forgotten I could do it. But then, when I’m doing it, it’s like I remind you or somebody else that I’ve done this before. And then the situation calms down. That was the whole dream.

John: That’s a dream in which you’re seeing yourself functioning, again, like in the feminine mode of being a kind of a container energy that takes things into account. You’ve progressed that, instead of having to take it into account, most people don’t progress beyond just taking something into account, accommodating the environment or the circumstances that surround them. 

And finding themselves having to be, well, this is the way it is, kind of thing, which can lead to relationships and mannerisms in which something is better than nothing at all, so that the feminine has something to accommodate, to try to ground, to try to hone, to try to officiate, so to speak, over it in terms of her world. Not having to take on, necessarily, the role of having to make something out of the ordinary happen, which has to do with power.

The container quality energy of the feminine rotates back and forth. And it’s like that. What you did in your dream was you took all of this, and you started using it as building blocks, you started creating something more out of it, which is what the, so to speak, Naqshband really is. The Naqshband is a designer of things. 

So instead of you just staying as a container, which is in a type of subconsciousness, you know, having to accommodate things that are touched in the unconscious by forces of the way that the outer is, or the way that the masculine is, or however you want to say that, you’ve gotten to the point where you’re now taking a bit of stepping-out initiative, in terms of shaping something, designing something

That’s something that I hadn’t thought about in terms of where the control aspect of trying to hold things in a particular parameter, like the feminine who’s responsible for the care of the overall household unit, the family, the kids and so on, I hadn’t realized that the feminine can then, instead of just doing this particular role, accommodating this kind of responsibility, can then step out with it and shape and design it. 

Your dream has a sense of freedom in it, in which you are able to kind of step out and shape and design and, therefore, you are embracing a greater and greater spaciousness of yourself, as opposed to working within parameters. You’re doing something more than just accommodating it. 

You can soothe a situation that’s out of control by accommodating it to a certain degree so that it has a chance to catch up with itself, has a chance to find a stillness instead of its reactivity, which might be, say, for example, the masculine way. But it’s another thing to still the situation by being able to participate as a player in terms of rearranging things in a way that adds to a greater balance.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: The Player

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