A Valiant Shift

Whatever gave us the impression that the angelic side of life was meek or mild? The truth is that the angelic side of our nature is the most fierce, or has to be the most fierce, because to remain angelic it must protect itself from everything that comes to lessen it. This is a constant struggle for higher things against the lower, the fine against the coarse. We will never become refined in ourselves if we aren’t fiercely protective of what we uphold through our faith, belief, and principles. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, my dream, then, indicates that on a vibrational level the awakening must come from mankind, and not just the angelic plane only, in order for a seeing and a feeling to be actualized in the whole. In other words, both sides of the breath; kind of work it on the breath and get into the rhythm of things – and that’s the dance of things, because the Chistis view things as if they always keep coming back, and keep coming back, and keep coming back. 

And then Naqshbands do not view it that way. So if you keep coming back, you’re continuously working with the breath. The “not coming back” is another aspect. 

So the greater meaning is, the heart is a vulnerable quality that needs the protection of the higher self, or it will be eventually destroyed by dense and dark forces in the outer, that function, in the outer, with impunity. 

But you might say that as you get really, really angelic, or go into a quality side of yourself, in the face of something that’s very pragmatic there’s no place for that, that looks immature, that comes across as too fragile. That doesn’t belong. It doesn’t have enough something to it, scientific, or whatever you want to call it kind of quality that is able to hold its own in the face of things. 

And that quality that’s able to be recognized and embraced within the face of things is extremely important and needs to come through, and embrace, the deeper depth side of itself. So what is needed for humanity, in general, is to be touched insightfully and rise up from their slumber and make a difference. The imbalance is too much for the angelic sensitive who is weak in outer nature, to save the day, so to speak, the day is changed, affected, the major changes take place, by the awakening of the greater humanity.

The sensitive angelic is helpless without the help of the jinn out-breath that, as things stand, seems out of the equation. In other words, it’s like in a blindside by itself. So the faith and hope is based upon the fact we are intertwined, that without this awareness coming into the denseness that is around us, as is, a valiant shift in awareness will not be possible.

I, too, have come to the conclusion that the next step must come from the jinn quality of life. By that I mean the heartfelt angelic can cause a mirroring to the depth, in terms of that there is a greater need to awaken from the lower self of our beingness. And that’s this creates a connectivity, or a rising up, to, and out of, a blindsided kind of just getting by, or slumber. 

So our heart is officially on the line, in a leap-of-faith way, knowing our sensitivity is not complete until that part of ourselves, in creation, awakens the all-pervasive presence that is in the outer. So a symbolic example is my reflectiveness must witness, and mirror, the distinction between outer and inner. Not inner and outer, outer and inner, because the angelic is kind of an inner, and that which comes all the way down – through the will, into cause and effect – is on the out-breath on the outer. 

As long as the outer doesn’t get it, a shift cannot happen. Meditation connects with a vibrational flow of inner coming into the outer, but such an energetic is incomplete without the outer coming out of an engulfing shell to absorb the greater whole of its beingness, which is what is heard by the Divine Essence. If the silence between the two were to fall away, change from a light rising up to touch a light, as a way of saying it, could shift humanity.

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