Holding an Aliveness

Everything is alive, in its way, which means we can connect to it in some way. A rock may seem old and inert, but if we hold it on our palm we can feel its nature. If we take the rock home and intentionally energize it every day, it will come to hold that energy, and represent the energy of our devotion. This is the way objects on shrines, and statues, and certain works of art are meant to be used and related to, just like we can feel the energy of Egypt in the museum collection – if we put our awareness on it. We can use this knowledge to charge the things that matter to us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember one dream. Well, it seems like you and I lived as part of a community. And you were away, but you were coming back shortly. 

I was in bed, but I was kind of sleeping on your side of the bed because I was guarding this round disc. And it was kind of like a two-foot round disc, it was kind of rubbery and rad looking. This disc could be used for other things, sometimes you might make love on it, sometimes you might blow it up and lend it out, it could travel. But I didn’t know what the purpose of the disc was, so I was guarding it until you got back and then I would know. Meanwhile, I had to keep it there

John: That’s a symbolism that actually is talking about something more than the symbolism. In other words, it’s just like Allyn talking about his days in Tibet, in a high monastery, in which when he left, he left behind, symbolically, a staff and a this or a that, that was to be taken on in a kind of safekeeping as a vibratory transitioning. 

Because there is no such thing as time and space, and yet there is a capacity in terms of how something is or exists. And sometimes that capacity gets lost in a type of density that causes time to appear to have collapsed. And so, in this particular case, what you’re dreaming about in terms of retaining, or holding onto, is a connectedness to a quality of a capacity that is an inner depth within, that has an aliveness and a quickened state – that a part of you knows you have a connection with. 

And so, until one breaks the time and space barrier it can come across as an imagery of the mind, in relationship to something that is representative of holding a space. It’s somewhat like the cloak of Christ, for example, the robe, as it’s called, there’s a whole story that goes along with that, in which that robe, as it got passed on, carried a certain vibration, that, so to speak, was reflective of a spaciality, a dimension, that had been quickened, in which the robe represented an aliveness that was still in a physical sense, but had taken on an atmospheric quality that enlivened the molecular, so to speak. 

And you find this also in certain areas of the country, and in the presence of certain people. And if you peel that back, though, it’s a quickening of an aliveness that isn’t restricted to something that has shrunken itself to a point where the heart is choked. In other words, the opening of the heart is something that goes on, and on, and on in terms of the degree to which one can be quickened to the aliveness within the molecular, of the surrounding, of the greater atmosphere that exists. 

And so, in your dream, because you are sensing a capacity of something more awakening, that is something that you catch up with, or come to embody and embrace, you are denoting that symbolically by that kind of imagery.

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