The Immenseness

We have, perhaps, been misled by language. We are told about our seeking, and our journey, and our connection to something greater, to what created us – as if everything we want is outside of us. Yet we also have come to understand that all those words apply to things within us, to our natural connections to the whole, and our innate desire to be unified again with our Creator. And our systems work constantly to help us find this place within, that has been with us from day one, that only awaits our awareness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the dreaming was about a type of capacity. And, in the meditation dream, the way it goes is I do not know of a solution, nor can I define how a solution is reached, nevertheless, I remain resolute that it exists.

It’s kind of like a type of faith, only this time we’re coming to recognize how you really define faith. You define faith upon something that is vibrating, that echoes as a quality, to a depth within. That’s what faith is. And you hold that, and it creates, it shapes from that spaciality. 

The reason I am like this, and I continue, unremittingly, in spite of appearances, is because I think and can denote a capacity inside of myself for more. Because I carry such an inner capacity, this means that the universe is being tweaked, in terms of there’s something that is coming alive. In other words, that’s breaking itself out of a denseness, or a quality in which the heart, which encompasses the world, breaks free. 

It’s a sheath that covers the heart, and it catches the first layers of things, like moods and stuff like that. And impressions get embedded on that, and it kind of acts as like a protective barrier for the heart. And that takes on the first impressions. And then, as you become more sensitive, that which comes in to that affects kind of from the bottom up, meaning you can feel the weight on the underside of the heart first. 

So what I am talking about is a condition quickened etherically in the heart. The condition is a feeling I have, which is unexplainable in a matter of words, but senses to a knowingness that lies within me.

The closest I could come to describing this is that I can feel, in the heart, an intangible, immenseness that is constantly resonating. The imagination for this capacity, you could say, is just a feeling that rhythms with the breath. So for reasons that are not explainable, I remain open to what is coming – without having to define it in some manner or another. 

Which means my heart is reaching beyond the denser, vibratory limitations of the outer that lies before me to an inner food that has a need to take in everything, everywhere, as being its greater aliveness. 

So then, in my sleep, there is an inner voice, which is saying, over and over again, don’t do it again.

Who I’m talking to is a side of myself in the denser outer that I do not judge because, deep down, I know that therein lies an alignability to a capacity able to experience life within a greater overall wholeness. 

So, what is coming out from within is this aliveness and need of feeling its presence within this greater beingness of self. So, in the dream, the greater beingness of self, you can denote almost as if like a type of going deeper within, to where something is being aligned, you can recognize a radical bifurcated echo that resonates from some sort of conditioned past. 

This past vibratory intensity is a Kundalini energy that is needed for guidance purposes, which exists concentrated as a pent up poignancy – which is being challenged to sort itself out.

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