A Needed Effect

Everything learns in its own way. We know with children, some want to see things in action, some are better when they hear it, others are happier when they read it for themselves. And the pace of learning and absorption will be different: some will feel lost if things move too quickly, others will get bored if they move too slowly. The energetic realms are no different, and we need to learn to have the sensitivity to what they require because our actions can be too fast, or too dramatic, or totally inappropriate. Yet we can sense the response, if we are aware, and adjust accordingly. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It parallels a dream that I had, a sleep dream that I had, that kind of goes along with this in that, it’s like I’m looking at a curb where you could park a car. And just on the other side of the curb, of course, is where vegetation like a lawn or something would grow. 

There’s no car currently parked there. It’s as if something isn’t inviting about the way this spot feels; everything is all dried out. And so I take and I water the area down because it looks like it needs something, but I can only do it to a certain degree because the ground is so dried out and so hard that, if I did too much, it would just roll off and go into the gutter or something. That’s why I apply it in moderation. 

And then, all of a sudden, as I notice that it has softened up the surface, then I realize that more is needed, and is wanted, and what more receptivity is able to be identified. And that’s when I realize that you can now take water and soak the area; in fact, I’m told, now it’s ready to be soaked. 

So when I soak the area, I know that instead of just a small degree of moisture that isn’t going to do much, because the ground is so hard that it barely affects the surface, by now having loosened the surface so that it can function as a bit of a container, I can now soak the area so the water then can go down and penetrate the roots and something can become fertile and natural again. 

So that was the image that I saw. And of course, within the image, you already know the meaning, but I wrote up the meaning anyway, in which I said the image is that of how to work with a situation which is so out of touch that it is unable to take in, or feel, a much needed effect

When a situation is like that you must start slow. This requires temperance. When the outer is softened, the ground is ready to receive more. Until then, it is impossible to soak anything up. 

The theme of the dreaming has been about a quality of opening up a type of heartfulness that is like a feeling that exists in the atmosphere. And that you have to denote that in order to have a rhythm that takes in, as a criteria, it takes in more of what is really going on, that is always going on, at any given moment. But that the problem is one is inclined to be affected by mannerisms that are bifurcated and keep one from having the connectivity to the heart. 

In other words, it’s one thing to have a way of seeing something. It’s another thing to be able to take that, and maintain that, with a heartfulness. Seeing, in and of itself, pinches things out. It can only go so far, and it loses the degree of witnessing that is necessary to help break down the surface of things. Feeling is needed to be awakened in order for something to be able to be touched, or absorbed, at a greater depth of the atmosphere of itself. So that’s the first dream.

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