Expanded Criteria

Our brain is like a computer, it supplies us answers based on its programming (prior experiences) and what we have put into it in terms of data. This implies that it works mostly from the past, from prior events or older information. When we rely solely on our brain to move through life, we tend to discount the most current information – the energy in the environment and our intuitive reading of its cues. What we want is a combination of our past knowledge joined to the most current reading, and that combination will serve us best. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The meditation dream is not all that dissimilar, in that, in the dream, I find that I’m kind of in what is like a type of coffee shop. And it seems to be fairly late at night. And what’s being pressed upon me is, why don’t I have a cup of coffee? 

And then the question is whether or not what is there to be served is hot enough, because there’s another person pointing out that what they have – maybe it’s a soup container, who knows what – that it’s actually hotter, or something. 

And so I have to feel myself, energetically, to see if I’m able to tell what is meant to be. I don’t know if I need to eat or not; I’m not looking at myself, per se, so I have to understand what is necessary, based upon the overallness of the entire situation. That includes the circumstances that I’m in, in other words in the atmosphere, includes the degree to which timing is important, includes all kinds of things other than just the notion that there could be something to partake. 

And so my ability to recognize that one has to expand one’s criteria of sensitivity comes from being able to feel a rhythm that touches the heart. And the breath is where the rhythm is at, and the heart is the feeling zone. And when you open that up, and have that working, the connection provides information that has a guidance quality to it. 

So, in this dream, I’m observing the atmosphere that I’m in. Thus, by observing and taking in the entire picture of what is situated there, the time, the place, the people, all of that, I’m able to tell if what is before me whether there’s a linkage, or connection, or not, that needs to unfold. 

So this is an image in which, if you really look at it, I don’t make any decisions based upon what I think, but I make a decision based upon how, in that atmosphere, everything is speaking to me in terms of what to do. In other words, I look at the time, I look at where I’m at, what it feels like being there, and what is being offered. Just because something is offered, it might not be in the right time, the atmosphere might have something wrong with it. 

So there’s a vibration that’s heartfelt. And it’s a language, in and of itself, in terms of the moment. And, of course, you can catch up with that through the rhythm of the breath. And so I glance there to see if I am pulled by a vibratory connection, in some regard, that indicates that there is some way that I need to be in this atmosphere. And I notice the time of partaking whether it makes sense or not. I’m looking at that, I’m pondering that. 

So what I am saying is, in order to be a real person, you have to be open and receptive to everything in the environment that is vying to make itself known to me in terms of a heartfelt consideration. When you’re able to take it in as a wholeness, and flow with the overallness in an intertwined way, instead of having to remain personal in terms of how things are. 

So I am pulled this way and that in terms of what is set forth before me to consider and ponder. The heart knows because it is quickened, the mind just ponders. So I am not deciding based upon what I think, I’m paying attention to what the flow of awareness suggests in the atmosphere. I choose to be directed and guided by a flow from within. A mental decision in this situation cuts me off. I notice how everything, including the thoughts, do they have a vibratory rhythm? I’ve come to know that the universe knows what is right in every environment. 

So the meaning is, what I am saying is this: I am able, with the heart, to feel the capacity of the moment. I do this by taking everything in an atmosphere into account with the heart. I do this by being receptive to all the information there is before me. I’m able to denote the depth I have to a connection, by processing, or receiving, accessing, an inner heartfelt guidance, I have to set aside my thoughts towards the situation if I am to make a proper determination, because I am not able through my limited thoughts to catch up with what I do that is best suited for my beingness. 

So I set that aside when I see a warble therein and watch the heart for greater guidance. Or, you might say, stay receptive to the softer heart. Or, if you include the sleep dream in there, you water the situation. In this way, I am able to go to a depth, or stay in touch, with what is flowing meaningfully, and not what I think makes sense. 

I have in this dream learned how to make the distinction between heart and mind, and when they work hand in hand, or not, so to speak, and when they crisscross and in this way denote what is meant to be from within.

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